Iulian Cosmin Nastase

Amsterdam, Netherlands

People & Lifestyle | Food & Still Life

Once upon a time in a places beyond your imagination. The story began in 1979 in Romania. After finishing my studies in journalism (2004) I decide that it was time for a new adventure so I packed my bags and began traveling in Europe hoping to discover new places, where i can create my new stories. One of the stops was Amsterdam and immediately I fell in love with the bohemian atmosphere, the buildings, the beautiful sky, and the cosmopolitan people. I open my bag and said to my self here is home. After many yeas and days of doing something what it was not me…… I realized (2018) I needed to start listening to my creative side, to be inspired again, to create, feel and believe in my dream. I woke up and started a new chapter in my life doing something I am passionate about it – photography. Photography for me is everything i know sounds cliche but it is true ….i live for using the right light, finding the right angle and then waiting for the perfect moment to take the perfect picture. After all of that i am trying to keep it super simple without using too much lightroom or photoshop effects to show you the natural beauty. The story is not yet ended, it is just the beginning …I still have more chapters to add to this journey…….what it will bring you beyond your imaginatio




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