CherrydeckOphelie Rondeau – Fashion & Beauty Photographer

Ophelie Rondeau

London, UK

Travel city: Paris, France

Fashion & Beauty | Editorial & Documentary

Hi! My name is Ophelie, I’m a French artistic fashion photographer based in London and working worldwide. I am an expert at creating authentic, eye-catching and engaging images in which I portray groups of girls in relatable situations, using the concepts of simplicity, symmetry and repetition. Emotional branding plays a big part in my work and is always a crucial element within my creative process. Over the past five years I have proudly served my clients with strategic campaigns that have helped them build a strong brand image and grow their online presence successfully and profitably. Launching a new collection is an important moment in your brand’s journey, and I know that bringing your vision to perfection can be very overwhelming. Everything matters as every detail defines your identity, and it can all be too easy to send the wrong message — as a photographer where every image reflects my values, I fully relate to these feelings. My experienced understanding within advertising campaigns along with my creative approach and practical skillset ensure that every aspect of your production is nurtured and executed with great confidence, from imagining concepts and stories to developing a holistic brand overview through a collaborative creative brief tailored to your requirements and expectations — the perfect team, the perfect models, the perfect locations —, assuring the best possible outcome towards your launch. I am passionate about what I do and go above and beyond to create meaningful projects for my clients, advising them against disposable content. Your collection matters, your campaign matters and both should not be forgotten about within the blink of an eye, but instead should be appreciated and valued for decades to come. And that is exactly what I would achieve together with you — Brand Legacy. Take a look at my portfolio below and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. Many thanks for your consideration, Ophelie