Yens Franke

München, Germany

People & Lifestyle | Fine Arts | Fashion & Beauty

It is the look behind the curtain of colors,​​ which brings the soul of his works to light. Only reduced to light and shadow, Yens Franke gives the photographs his own idea of beauty. Just two years ago, Yens Franke exchanged music for photography. A transition without a break, because a life without art is not worth living for, according to the Munich/German photographer. By studying illustrated books and visiting galleries and exhibitions of great photographers, especially from the 60s and 70s, he quickly understood the usage of light. The style of these epochs were unmistakably influencing the work of Yens Franke. Timeless, black and white and grainy. Expression, beauty and the elegance of the models are his leading priorities. In various exhibitions in 2018, mostly large-format works were presented to the public for the first time. Yens Franke's works are produced exclusively in small editions for the art market and are already enjoying a growing popularity amongst collectors and friends of photographic art. For 2019, further exhibitions are already planned. Additionally, a fixed date has been set for the participation in the Munich Cultural Days 2019. On these days, Yens Franke will show a selection of his photographs and will be available for an artist talk for visitors on one of the event days. Further information on the 2019 exhibitions can be found on the artist's website at