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Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ enables consumer brands to source custom content at scale through a global photographer community.


Fast, stress-free, and cost-effective branded visual content

What is Branded Stock™?

No shoot planning, no budget commitments. Buy ready-to-use content from a custom database. Just send out your products and branding guidelines.

It's like buying stock photos that were made just for you. By professional photographers only.

Why Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ ?

Fast and simple
Speed up photo and video production. Waive the search for talent and photoshoot planning.
Pay only for results
Save 70% of your budget. Pick and buy the content you like from a custom library directly.
Tailored to your needs
Source hundreds of high-quality content from a custom library tailored to your brand.
Better for the environment
Streamline processes and avoid travels or other unnecessary environmental impacts.

What our customers are saying

“I’m super happy to have content created through Cherrydeck. It saves me a lot of time in processing and enables me to quickly create new and very high-quality content.”
Jessica Signer
“They have a great selection of talented photographers, and they answered perfectly to our request. The process was quick and simple, in just a few weeks we had the content we needed.”
Alina Buciuscan
“We loved having a variety of images and videos that told a different story from different angles. We will definitely be working with Cherrydeck again in the future!”
Caitlynne Hollis
“What we liked most was the diversity of the photos and the opportunity to try photographers around the world and use their different styles.”
Nicole Queitzsch
La Mer Cosmetics
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Cherrydeck Review: 2021 in Branded Stock Projects

2021 was a year of amazing projects at Cherrydeck. Through Cherrydeck Branded Stock we were able to work with outstanding consumer brands.

Portraying Real Life Stories for Vorwerk Temial

Vorwerk needed pictures of their tea machine, Temial. They tried Cherrydeck Branded Stock and got an on-brand custom photography library.


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What our members are saying

“We definitely can recommend it to anyone who is looking for more exposure and wants to work with a team of really cool and friendly people.”
Kasia R. and Milana M.
Photo and videographers
“The experience was awesome, I had the opportunity to connect with professionals from different countries and backgrounds.”
Ivan Stamato Baptista
“It was fun shooting for Vitamalz since I believe the brand has a lot of potential as it is a hip, retro brand. I am very thankful that Cherrydeck gave me the chance to be a part of the production.”
Eric Garsleitner
“It was a great experience to work with Cherrydeck! Everything went very easily and smooth”
Julia Tiemann

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