Engagement groups can truly boost your Instagram reach. Here’s why and how to get started with Cherrydeck’s Engagement groups.

Instagram engagement groups are the latest and most effective way to gain more traffic and visibility under the current algorithms. In this article, we will tell you why they work and how can you get on board with this latest craze, especially as a creative professional.

But for those of you who don’t know what Instagram groups are, here’s a quick walk-though: they’re basically online groups where like-minded people gather and “trade” each other’s comments to push all the members’ post collectively. By receiving authentic comments, your post will rank better in both your followers’ and hashtags’ feeds.

Why Does This Work?

To understand why engagement groups work, you have to understand how the Instagram algorithm operates.

Instagram wants their users to spend as much time as possible in the app, to maximize the amount of ads they can show you. How do you keep people engaged in the app? You show them content that is relevant to them.

The Instagram algorithm constantly evaluates if a post is relevant to two factors:

  1. the followers of that user, and
  2. the people coming across the post in the Explore feed or hashtags.

Among other factors, they also base that evaluation on the amount of engagement (likes, comments, and saves) a post has gotten within a certain timeframe.

If the engagement in that timeframe is higher than the average engagement of the user’s other posts in that timeframe (for example in the first hour after posting), this indicates that this post is highly engaging content, and it will be pushed out to more people who are following you and it will rank higher in the hashtags and in your explore feed (showing it to more people).

When you participate in an engagement group with 45 other members, you will get 45 likes and comments on that post within a relatively short timeframe, suggesting to the algorithm that your post is highly engaging content. As a consequence, your post will receive more reach. So it is not just about these initial engagement, it is also about what follows.

It sometimes takes 2-3 rounds of participation to really see the results of the Engagement Rounds in your Instagram post Insights.

Although engagement groups can be found everywhere, not all of them are created equal. Joining a wrong group can be a huge waste of time. It is important to look for groups that are niche-specific.

This is because receiving comments from all sorts of unrelated accounts means your profile are then pushed to all sort of people that may not be interested in your content. Therefore, you may end up decrease your chance of reaching your target audience.

Cherrydeck Engagement groups. Built Specifically for Creative Professionals.

For Cherrydeck members, we offer unique and customized Engagement Groups for Instagram which enable you to grow your reach on Instagram by harvesting organic engagement from relevant accounts in our community.

Cherrydeck Engagement Groups offer multiple rounds of exchanging likes and comments everyday. When you join a round, your latest post uploaded on your Instagram account will receives likes and comments from of all the participants in the round.

Our Engagement Groups are strongly community-driven, and to make sure that everybody gets fair exchanges and gets the most out of their time, a group has a mandatory set of rules every participant has to follow. Generally, we would like to see everyone actively engage with all other accounts in a thoughtful and respectful way. Please follow all accounts that are participating in order to make the engagement seem more authentic to the Instagram algorithms (because this is where the success for you comes in). We also encourage all the participants to leave meaningful comments with 4+ words to boost the authenticity of the engagement. We reserve the right to restrict anyone from participating for certain time periods if we see that the rules are not being followed.

Here’s how our engagement groups work:

General Functionality

We use Telegram, a heavily encrypted messaging app, for our Engagement Groups. So, to get started, you need to install the Telegram app on your phone (side note: we also provide direct and real-time customer support through these channels.)

Next, log in to your Cherrydeck profile and go to your Marketing Toolbox, and search for the card that says ‘Engagement Groups’. Click on the button on it, and it should ask you to open the link in Telegram.

After that, click the ‘start‘ button on the bottom of the chat to connect your Cherrydeck account to your Telegram account, and once you’ve done that successfully, you can start participating in our Engagement Groups.

Generally, we operate and moderate these groups ourselves but to make sure everything runs smoothly, we also borrow the help from an automated admin. So if you have any questions, simply type ‘/help’ command in the chat and you’ll be automatically pointed to helpful resources and ways to reach out.

How to Engage, Step-by-Step

1. At specified times, the Engagement Group bot admin will announce the start of the so-called ‘Drop Window’. This is the timeframe during which members can join the upcoming round or ‘drop’ their interests, by posting ‘/join’ to the specific Engagement Group.

2. Once you have joined the round, you will be added to the list of this round’s participants, and the bot will send you a private message with the instructions for the upcoming round. It always pulls the latest post on your Instagram feed (other than IGTV or Reels posts), so once you join, please make sure not to update or delete that post.

3. Once the Drop Window is over, you will get a list of all Instagram profiles to engage with. You need to comment on and like the latest post of each participant within the specified Engagement Window timeframe. If you want to give someone some extra engagement, you can also save a post.

We know that this may sound complicated for some of you who just get started, but don’t worry, you will quickly get the hang of it once you start participating.

One important note: If you participated in a round, but forget to engage with any latest post, the bot will send you a message to make sure you complete the remaining task. If you have still failed to engage with all of the participating posts at the end of the Engagement Window, you will receive a warning. If you cross a certain threshold of warnings for a group, you will be restricted from participating in that group for a certain number of days.

Available Commands in Cherrydeck Engagement Groups

We use commands to enquire information and communicate between participants and bot admin. Below is the list of commands along with explanations you can send in a group:

  • /nextround – find out when the next Drop Window starts
  • /join – join the upcoming round with your latest post on Instagram
  • /check – get a message with the posts you still have to engage with
  • /help – get helpful resources and a link to the rules
  • /leaveround – leave a round again after you have joined (only possible during the drop window)

In a private message to the bot:

  • /availablegroups – get a list of groups available to you to join
  • /warnings – get an overview of your warnings in all of your groups
  • /check – get a message with the posts you still have to engage with
  • /help – get helpful resources and get connected to support

Helpful Tips & Tricks

To make sure you get the most out of an Engagement Group, here are some tips:

  • Set your Instagram Account to public to participate.
  • To really leverage the Engagement Groups, we recommend posting to Instagram shortly (max 1 hour) before participating in a round.
  • Try choosing some big and some smaller hashtags for your post, they should be relevant to the content and somewhat descriptive.
  • Make sure you participate in the right groups for your post. If your latest post is a fashion photography post, engagement from a fashion photography group will seem much more authentic, and boost your reach more. Instagram also understands that.
  • Try to build relationships with the other group members by leaving thoughtful comments with more than 4 words on their posts. Kindness pays off.
  • To make the engagement seem more authentic, we recommend to follow all other participants before engaging with their post.

If you have any question regarding Cherrydeck Engagement group, please write us an email at team@cherrydeck.com. We’re happy to help you, but until then, happy engaging!

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