The current panorama shifts shootings, projects, and campaigns to the future, but it doesn’t mean brands can’t already start booking the creatives they want to shoot with later on.

The Coronavirus pandemic has suddenly threatened a lot of businesses and creatives are also severely affected. Several members of our community — whether photographers, videographers, or models — work as freelancers and as most brands are putting productions on hold, shifting deadlines, and facing unexpected restrictions to their marketing budgets, securing enough work (and an income) can become challenging.

But when the situation begins stabilising, most brands will also go back to business and that will likely happen at a coincident time.

In this situation, planning in advance couldn’t be more crucial to ensuring some stability for both businesses and creators upfront — and to be a couple of steps ahead from the competition.

Booking a creative now, would not only support that professional during times of crisis, but assure that in a few months everyone is working with the person they want to and not the 10th option on the list.

#BookTodayShootLater is a call for support of the creative community and a chance for brands to act upfront

#BookTodayShootLater is a movement that lets brands know which creatives are available for shootings in the future, but that would benefit from a booking in advance due to the Coronavirus situation.

Being home to one of the fastest-growing global creative communities, we want to spread this movement together with other brands and communities to help both businesses and creators to drive great concepts forward, in especially uncertain times. We’re forced to social distancing, but that shouldn’t keep great concepts of coming together!

How does it work for brands?

To know which creators are already taking part, simply type #BookTodayShootLater on Instagram and have a look at all the profiles who joined the movement.

Then you can get in touch with one of the creators and tell them you would like to book them in advance for your next shooting, whether it’s a product launch taking place in July or the summer issue of your magazine.

How does it work for creatives?

If you’re a creative and wish to join the movement, copy the templates below (or download them here), post them on your Instagram with the hashtag #BookTodayShootLater and tag three additional creators you know to do the same and spread the word.

If you search for “book today” or “shoot later” on your Instagram Stories you can add the #BookTodayShootLater GIFs to your own Stories and bring additional awareness to the cause.

The more people share it, the more creators, brands, and businesses will be aware and called to action.

On our side, we will additionally amplify the reach of all the Stories and posts (tagged with @cherrydeck) by sharing them on our channel.

We also talked about the movement on our Instagram account, in case you want to get more information.

We are always here to help

At Cherrydeck, prioritising artists and trying to make it as easier as possible for brands to find the right available creators to work with has been our mission since a long time.

In these turbulent times, it couldn’t be more important.

We are here to simplify the way businesses and creators find each other and to make the planning of shootings and marketing campaigns as easier as never before. If you would like to explore our options, you can create an account, here.

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