Please see below the frequently asked questions for photographers, videographers, and brands. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please send us an email at

Photographers and videographers


What can I do with Cherrydeck?

Cherrydeck is a community of selected professional photographers and videographers. We offer you a place where you can promote your work so that brands, agencies, and galleries can find you. Once you have an account on Cherrydeck, you have access to a Marketing Toolbox where you can use tools to optimize and grow your social media presence. You can additionally pitch for Opportunities and apply for cool open jobs, commissioned opportunities, and be the first to collect deals through our various partners.

Cherrydeck Profile

What happens when I create a profile on Cherrydeck?

By creating your profile on Cherrydeck, you have a chance to show your work to brands, agencies, and people who are interested in hiring photographers and videographers as well as to other creative fellows who might be looking for collaborations.

How do I make my profile show up on the search results?

The search results are ranked based on content quality, commercial fit, and engagement on Cherrydeck. Therefore, any interaction with your profile such as views, saves, or clicks on one of your Cherrylink links, will add to your ranking score.

To rank high in search results, make sure your content could fulfil potential customer requests, try sharing your profile on social media or with friends, make sure your Cherrylink is set up and included in your Instagram bio, and encourage other people to save your profile.

How do I update my profile media?

In your profile, you have an ‘ADD+’ button. If you click on it, you will be able to choose new content for your profile from your disk or Instagram posts. If you would like to group your content by topics consider creating a ‘gallery.’

What’s a gallery on my profile?

A gallery is a way of presenting all your work relating to a specific topic, shoot, or project. You can add a short description, and publicly show it on your profile by toggling the ‘public’ switch to active.

Why is my profile not working?

Check out if you fulfill all the requirements, for example if your profile is linked to instagram, if you uploaded min. 8 photos, etc.

How can I delete my Cherrydeck account?

To fully delete your Cherrydeck account, go to your Settings page and click the ‘delete my account’ link. It might take a few weeks until Google and other search engines have removed your images from cache, so they might still show up in image search there.


What is Cherrylink? And how does it work?

Cherrylink is a marketing tool to help you showcase all your relevant work in your Instagram profile. Instagram only allows you to put one link into your bio, which can be very limiting if you have multiple projects to share.

Cherrylink allows you to create a clickable menu of all the places your work is being displayed, reachable through a single link in your Instagram bio. You can find it in your marketing toolbox.

Opportunities and Promotion

How do I get featured on the Cherrydeck homepage or Instagram?

You need to show us your best content. We hand-pick the photographers, videographers, and models we feature. As a full member, you have the chance to ‘nudge’ us to take a look at your content. Once we feature you, you will be notified by email and through an Instagram notification.

What are Cherrydeck Opportunities?

We work together with carefully selected customers to regularly make creative opportunities available. These can be projects where a client is looking for a photographer, videographer, or model, but also exclusive community events, or collaboration requests.

To apply, unless explicitly stated otherwise, you need to be signed up as a full member.

How do Cherrydeck Opportunities work?

You can apply to open calls in the opportunities section on Cherrydeck. In the application, please make sure to read the questions carefully and provide a portfolio of relevant work for the opportunity.

Once the application deadline is reached, we send a shortlist of the best portfolios to the customer, who can then reach out to the professional they would like to work with.

You will be notified if you have been selected for the shortlist.

Note: For Cherrydeck Branded Stock opportunities the process is different. Head over to the Branded Stock section to learn more.

Do I have to pay a commissioned fee to Cherrydeck if I get a job?

Yes, we take a small commission fee. We work daily to make sure customers and our members find their best fits, so we hope you understand.

Can I apply to an open opportunity if I don’t have a full membership?

Some of the opportunities are open to all members to apply for. These opportunities will be clearly highlighted as such. All others are only available to full members to apply to.

How do I get featured on the Cherrydeck blog?

We sometimes feature users on the blog. To get featured on our blog, you need to have an interesting story to tell, and provide good images of what you documented. Take a look at our blog posts to get an understanding of what kind of content we are looking for 😉 If you think you have something that fits, you can submit work on your Toolbox section.

How do I know whether I got selected for an opportunity?

Cherrydeck is a discovery and connection platform, not a booking platform. We do not facilitate the booking of photographers, videographers, and models. We simply provide a list of applications to the customer.

It is then up to the customer to contact whoever they would like to work with out of the applications. We encourage each customer to notify every applicant whether or not they have been chosen for the job, but we are unable to enforce them to do so. You will know that you got selected by the customer once they send you an email.

Note: For Branded Stock opportunities the process is different. Please head over to the Branded Stock section to learn more.

Do I get notified if I did not get selected for an opportunity?

We notify you once your application has been submitted to the customer. While we encourage every customer to notify all of the applicants of whether they were selected for the job, we cannot guarantee that all of them do.


I have connected the wrong Instagram account, how can I change?

To change the Instagram account connected to your Cherrydeck account, you need to be logged into Cherrydeck. From your profile, click on ‘ADD+’ and then on ‘Import from Instagram’. There you’ll see a button to switch the connected Instagram account.

When I connect my Instagram account, it selects the wrong one?

You need to be logged into the correct account on Instagram (or Facebook if you’re connecting a business/creator account) in the browser that you are using. 

Why does my Instagram follower number not update?

Instagram only provides follower data for business/creator accounts. If you were previously connected with an Instagram business/creator account, and are now connected as a personal account, we show the follower number we still have on file for your account. To connect as a business/creator account again, go to

I cannot see my IGTV posts when trying to import from Instagram?

Unfortunately the Instagram APIs do not return IGTV data yet. We are unable to pull any IGTV posts or Reels through the APIs.

How can I disconnect my Instagram Account?

To deactivate your Instagram account go to the settings on Instagram. Under the ‘Apps and Websites’ tab you will see all your connected links, including Cherrydeck. If you now press remove, the connection to Cherrydeck will be removed.


How do I cancel my subscription?

For canceling your subscription you habe to go to your payment settings. You can find them by logging in and clicking on MENU > settings > payment info.

What do the different memberships include and how much do they cost?

At Cherrydeck you’ve got three different memberships. You receive the most value out of the full membership for €7.99/m. The business optimisation and the promotion membership cost €4.99/m, but include less features. For more information please see the membership page.

Where can I see what subscription I have?

You can see it if you clicking on MENU > settings > payment info. Here you can see if you still have a subscription or not and when it will expire.

Where can I get an invoice for my subscription payments?

You can download all invoices ever created for your subscription on your payment settings page. Just log in, go to MENU > settings > payment info.

Can I change the plan I am subscribed to?

To change to a different plan, just go through the checkout process again by going to If you’re changing to a bigger plan, we will upgrade you right away. If you want to downgrade to a smaller plan, the change is going to be processed at the end of your current billing term.

My subscription is canceled, but there was still a payment booked?

Sometimes payment transactions cannot be processed at the time of invoice creation. This might be due to insufficient funds on the card, a declined card, or some other reason. In that case, we will re-try to process the transaction up to 10 times over the course of the next months. If you canceled your subscription, but there was still an outstanding unpaid invoice, this might lead to a payment being processed even after your subscription has been canceled. You can see all invoices tied to your subscription on your payment settings page.

How come you do not offer a monthly billing period?

Some of our tools do not return immediate results. It takes time to rank up in our search, get consistent growth of reach through the Engagement groups, and figure out what is working and what is not on your Cherrylink. By offering quarterly and annual subscription terms, we’re giving you a chance to focus on longterm growth.


How do I unsubscribe from all emails?

To unsubscribe from the newsletter, scroll to the bottom of an email you received. At the bottom you will find the button ‘Unsubscribe’.



What is Cherrydeck offering?

With a network of +60.000 photographers, videographers, and models worldwide, we seek to help consumer brands to source the best custom content for their projects and campaigns through our community.

Do you need visual content for your brand? Just send us your briefing and we will take over the work of finding the best candidates. After a few days, you will receive a custom visual content library with ready-to-buy media. Discover more on this page.


How does Cherrydeck work?

Why should I work with Cherrydeck?

Cherrydeck aims to simplify the process of producing and sourcing content. Our goal is to provide a space where consumer brands can acquire custom visual content effortlessly while working with top photographers and videographers.

At Cherrydeck we personally ensure the quality of each member. You will always find creative minds that are ready to bring innovative ideas to your projects. 

With now over +60,000 photographers, videographers, and models listed on the platform, Cherrydeck is providing consumer brands with a competitive alternative to source content and an endless pool of talent to work with.

How can I contact an Account Manager?

The first thing you should do is create a free brand account. Once you have logged in, you will find a red button titled “Contact me” in the upper right corner. Just click it and we will get in touch.

What other companies are using Cherrydeck?

The Cherrydeck service is used by different types of companies and industries. From agencies looking for new creative partners, startups looking for high-quality photos, or recognized brands like Polestar and Google who are producing big-scale creative campaigns.

Where can I find more information about your customers and previous shoots?

You can find some of our past collaborations and insightful stories on our blog. Take a look here

How can I get regular updates from you?

Simply through our newsletter! Or by following us on Instagram or LinkedIn.

How can I update my profile details?

Just log in to your account and click on the menu button in the top right corner of your screen. Choose Settings from the options that appear and change your profile information as needed. The changes will be applicable immediately.


What is a “Classic Shooting”?

We call the classic shoot the procedure when a customer is looking for a photographer or a videographer with a specific budget, and a defined assignment at a location of their choice.

Please have a look at the questions, “How do I hire a photographer?” and “How do I hire a videographer?” for more information. Or visit the Classic Shooting section, here.

What is Branded Stock?

Branded Stock ™ is a new way for consumer brands to create custom visual content at scale. It’s like buying stock photos that were made just for you, featuring your own products.

You can source hundreds of ready-to-use photos and videos without having to plan a shoot or budget commitments. All you have to do is send out your products and branding guidelines, we take care of the rest. 

Discover what Branded Stock™ can do for your brand, today!

Got more questions? Check out our Branded Stock™ FAQs.

Branded Stock

How does Branded Stock work?

After you have decided to work with Cherrydeck, Branded Stock is set into motion in four effective steps:

Step 1: Send out your products: Send out at least three sample sets of products you need to get shot.

Step 2: Submit your brand guideline: Share your brand identity guidelines and tell us exactly what type of content you need.

Step 3: Receive custom content: You will get access to a fully custom visual content library within 3 weeks.

Step 4: Select and buy content: Buy the photos and videos you like starting at €45 per photo.

Submit a brief here.

How do you ensure that good professionals are shooting our Branded Stock content?

Our team ensures that appropriate, on-brand photographers and videographers are shooting your content through a thorough check of the applications, followed by a final internal deliberation. Each professional is approved by at least three members of a dedicated team.

Our one-time set-up fee ensures our resources for this.

What should I include within the briefing?

Typically, the more details you provide in your briefing, the better the content will be. Here are a couple of important pieces of information you should include:

  • A rough time frame of when you need the content ready;
  • The indication of which products you will be shipping, and possibly a description of how to use them/ how they should be captured;
  • Visual examples of do’s and don’ts so the photographers or videographers can get a better understanding of the look & feel of your brand;
  • The indication of whether models are required during the shoot — if so, how should they look like, and;
  • The countries you can ship the products to.

As our creative community is active worldwide, it is beneficial to submit your briefing in English. If you need advice on how to formulate it, see our best practices here

You can provide important details and submit your brief here.

How many photographers/videographers are chosen for the job?

Our Branded Stock™ plans include a certain amount of photographers/videographers:

• The Product-Only Shoot –  1 photographer/videographer
• The Product & Lifestyle Shoot – 2 photographers/videographers
• The Campaign Shoot – 3 photographers/videographers

This amount of photographers has been optimized to fit the volume of content required while providing you with enough variety to choose from. Depending on your needs, you are able to add as many creatives as you’d like to your project, for a fixed price of €550. You can check out our pricing calculator for an estimate on your package or get in touch with our team.

No matter the number of photographers, we strive to find the best fit for your project considering photography style, field of expertise, experience, and brand fit. Therefore, whether you have 1 or 5 photographers working on your project, you can rest assured that you will get great results.

What happens if I don’t like the content?

If this is the case, then you do not have to buy any of the content delivered. If you change your mind, you still have the option of accessing your content library for a year following the date on which you received the link.

Fees, Rates and Licensing

Our Pricing Explained

Project Fee: For any new project initiated on Cherrydeck (= every time you send new products), there is a one-time “Production Fee” of €375, €1675 or €3175, depending on the Branded Stock™ plan you have chosen. It is used to find the right people to work with you and covers your brief processing, content library setup, online licenses, and a dedicated account manager.

Price per Photo / Video: For every photo or video you want to buy from your content library there is a standard price based on the plan you’ve selected. You can find the most recent price list here. Our plans are optimized to give you the best value for the amount of assets you’d like to buy.


How can I pay in Fee Rates?

Paying in fee rates is optional for Startups. If your organization makes less than € 1 million in annual revenue, you can choose to pay your invoice in 3, 6, or 12 monthly installments. This way you will be able to profit from our best prices without having too much pressure on your liquidity!


What Licenses are included when I purchase an image?

The Online License is included in the price per asset. However, if you would like to have full control over the assets, or use them for offline purposes, take a look below to see what is included in the Offline License.


*All stated prices are net and exclude VAT.



My products are expensive, can I have them back?

Sure! This is possible when you communicate it in advance. Simply clarify that the products should be in the hands of our members just for the shoot and organize the return shipping.

How many products should I send?

The amount of products you should send depends on the Branded Stock™ plan you select and the number of photographers you require for your project.  By default, you are able to shoot a definite amount of products with a certain number of photographers per plan: 

• The Product-Only Shoot: 1 product shot – 1 photographer/videographer
• The Product & Lifestyle Shoot: 4 products shot – 2 photographers/videographers
• The Campaign Shoot: 9 products shot – 3 photographers/videographers

Typically, a Product-only shoot will require you to send out your product to 1 designated photographer, while a Product & Lifestyle Shoot will require you to send out 4 products to each of the 2 photographers you will be working with. However, this changes when you decide to add either more products to be shot or more creatives to whichever plan.

Consequently, if you decide to add more photographers to your project regardless of your chosen plan, you will need to send out your products to them as well. Same case when adding more products to be shot.

What is the difference between the Online and Offline Licenses?

The key difference between the Licenses is the rights that you own, and what you can use the content for. Take a look at the detailed descriptions below:  


What do the pricing plans include?

Each Branded Stock™ plan includes a fixed production fee, and costs for photos and videos (including full online rights). The plans also already include various add-ons like a Videographer/Photographer, Products, Small Studio Arrangements, and Lifestyle Arrangements.

You are able to customize your plan to fit your content needs as well with more add-ons. For instance, Models and Lifestyle Models are optional but can be added to any package upon request.

What is a custom package and how can I request one?

A custom package allows you to tailor our Branded Stock™ services to fit your unique project needs. If you feel that none of the fixed packages meet your requirements, you can request a custom package by filling out the “Get a Quote” form or scheduling a call with our team.

What does “Pay only for the items you like” mean?

This means that once you receive your custom content library filled with photos and videos of your products, you can proceed to select and purchase the imagery you like and will actually use.

You only pay for this selection!

You do not pay for the content that you will not be using or that doesn’t fit your needs at the moment, but you can come back to your content library later, and purchase more content as you wish.

What is the role of a dedicated account manager?

A dedicated account manager is your primary point of contact who will work with you closely to understand your project needs, ensure smooth execution, and deliver high-quality results.

I need to shoot a whole line of products. Can this be done?

Yes, of course! Our plans already cover certain amount of products to be shot, however if you need shoot a line with X number of different products, you have to increase the number of product add-ons as needed.

You can add as many products as you need to shoot for only €25.

Classic Shooting

Is my briefing going online directly after I sent the form?

No, our team will first check it personally and see if all the information is correct and no further changes are needed. You can expect your brief to be online within 24 hours of being submitted.

How do I hire a videographer?

The process is simple. Send us your briefing using the dedicated form on your profile. Include your budget, location, and all necessary details.

After approval,  we will publish it and Cherrydeck videographers will have the chance to apply to your project. As soon as the deadline has expired, you will receive the best-fitted applications.

How do I hire a photographer?

The process is the same as mentioned above. Just specify during your briefing submission that you want to obtain photos instead of videos. 

Can I stop the application process before the deadline is over?

Yes, of course.

Can I extend the deadline for applications while the process is on-going?

Yes, of course.

How fast will I receive portfolios of artists who can do the job I need to be done?

You are the one defining the deadline for applications. We only require a minimum of 48 hours to be sure all members have the chance to see your project and apply.

What type of contact data will I receive?

You will receive all of the appropriate contact data so that you can get in touch with the desired professional, along with their portfolio.

Can I contact a photographer, videographer or model directly?

Yes, after you’ve received the applications shortlist, you can contact the members you want to work with. 

Alternatively, we can also take over the contacting service for you.

What information does a briefing contain?

The briefing will include information regarding the location of the shooting, budget, dates of the shooting, deadline for applications, description of the assignment, and what is required from the photographer or videographer in terms of skills and assets. 


Where is the difference between doing my own research on Cherrydeck and submitting a brief?

Besides the hustle of sending several messages, when you do your own research, you have to negotiate your terms with every potential candidate. Submitting a brief offers you a couple of advantages:

  1. You save time
  2. You reach the complete Cherrydeck community
  3. Each member applying has seen your conditions and accepted them in advance, so you no longer have to renegotiate.

(The only exceptions being special videos and buyouts that go beyond the classic rights.)

Discover more on how Cherrydeck works, here.

How does the search on Cherrydeck work?

Searching for photographers, videographers, or models on Cherrydeck is easy! To begin with, you need to choose a location. This will tell our engine where in the world you are looking for professionals.

Afterward, you can use our filters to get more detailed results. For photographers and videographers, you can select the work category, expertise level, studio availability, followers number, post-production skills, and video production offerings. For models, you can filter your search according to different physical traits, among others. 

Why can’t I see some of the search filters?

If you haven’t set up a free account yet, you will only have limited access to our search. Create a free account to see the complete Cherrydeck experience!

Why can’t I write messages to your members?

If you want to write messages on Cherrydeck, you will have to create an account. You can set up a free account to get started!

What benefits do I have from signing up to a free account?

With a free account, you can expand your search, access your lists for more information on the individual photographers and videographers, and reduce your success-based Cherrydeck fee from €300 net to €200 net.

How many photographers, videographers, and models do you have?

At the moment we have about 60.000 talented photographers, videographers, and models located worldwide.

Which countries are Cherrydeck’s members from?

The Cherrydeck network is extremely international. However, over the past two years most of our members are based in Europe, the UK, Asia, and South Africa.

Who will be able to see my profile and contact me?

Because we know how privacy and security are important, as a brand your profile is fully private. This means only you have access to it and it is not visible to other Cherrydeck members.

Classic Shooting Fee

How does the payment of the Cherrydeck fee work?

After you have decided to work with a member, we will send you an invoice including our fees. For you as a company representative, this means that you only have to pay if a successful hiring has taken place. At the same time, we will keep the amount paid in custody until the content produced for you has been delivered. Only then do we transfer to the photographer or videographer.

Do I have to pay even when I don’t choose one of Cherrydeck’s members?

No, please take a look at the previous question, “How does the payment of the Cherrydeck fee work?”

Can I submit a briefing without a brand account?

Yes, that is possible. You can find the option to “Submit a Brief” on our search page after scrolling through the first set of members. But please have a look at which types of benefits you will get with a free brand account.

Submit a brief here.


How do you ensure the quality of your members?

All photographers and videographers are pre-screened by our team. When a new user signs up, we verify the quality of their work, their website and available social media, as well as commercial fit. If our quality standard is achieved, the account is accepted and the member unlocks a public profile on Cherrydeck. 

Hit play here to learn more about how we ensure the quality of our members.

How can I as a brand be sure to get the best quality?

After the pre-screening of our members at the registration stage, we once again carry a personal quality analysis of the applications for each of our customers’ briefings. 

Learn more about how we ensure top-quality members, here.

Are you getting references from other customers for me?

Yes, you can see a few of our references on our blog and have an overview of the work done for previous customers.


What do I have to pay to the photographers/ videographers?

Here we differentiate between two products.

In the classic shoot, we set a minimum daily rate of €500 net for the photographer or videographer. This daily rate is higher than that for remote shooting, as you choose the location and you have to take all the equipment with you, making the organization more extensive.

For a remote shooting, where the photographer or videographer chooses the location himself/herself, the minimum daily rate is €250 net. In addition, there are buyouts for the pictures with €50 net per picture including unlimited usage for your website, press, and social media channels. But since you determine the budget yourself in any case, these minimum daily rates are more to be seen as a calculation basis for you.

Agencies and Cherrydeck

What can Cherrydeck offer to my agency?

Cherrydeck sees itself as an extended creative intermediary arm of the agencies.

Your agency has many projects at the same time and you have a temporary or regular need for new photographers, videographers, or models in the same or different places? Here we support you and your agency.

How does it work when more than one person in my agency wants to use Cherrydeck?

We are still working on this solution.

Can Cherrydeck help me build a pool of talent for future reference?

Naturally! On Cherrydeck you can create folders with profiles suitable for each of your projects.

Can Cherrydeck help my agency with international clients or in other markets?

That is exactly our strength. We have a worldwide network with more than 55,000 highly talented creative people.

Does Cherrydeck offer a wide range of categories for our different client groups?

Yes, we cover almost all areas. We have our strengths in the areas of product and lifestyle. But, niche areas such as food are also included.

Can I submit more than one briefing?

Yes, of course. There is no limit of submissions at Cherrydeck.

Now you can create, manage, review, duplicate, and submit a brief directly on our platform.