Client: Travelite

Outcome: Custom Stock Library with 227 photos

Duration: 33 days

The assignment

Travelite is a leisure and travel luggage brand. They wanted product photos of their high-quality suitcases ‘Next’, portraying the travel lifestyle of their brand.

Instead of planning multiple costly photoshoots in different locations, they decided to try Cherrydeck Branded Stock to source the content needed in a timely and cost-effective way.

The process

Firstly, the brand submitted a brief describing the content and motives they needed. Then, Cherrydeck was in charge of finding the right photographers for the assignment based on location, expertise, and brand fit.

After careful selection, the next step was for Travelite to send out their products to the addresses of our chosen creatives. Afterward, the brand simply had to wait for results while our photographers got to work!

The results

Travelite received a custom content library with 220+ photos of their products in different moods, locations, and environments. Finally, the brand selected and purchased their favorite photos.

Yes, with Cherrydeck Branded Stock you only pay for the images you wish to use! Both selected and non-selected images remain stored and accessible for one year in Travelite’s content library.

You can already check out their Branded Stock™ images on their website!

Sounds interesting? Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ works for nearly every industry within consumer brands: skincare, fashion, pet products, electronics, homeware, fitness and more. For more examples of Branded Stock™ for Accessories, visit this page.

Interested in creating your own custom stock library with your products? Submit a brief to let us know what you need! Alternatively, you can schedule a call with our team to know more about what Branded Stock™ can do for your brand.

Photography by Oliver Porter and Sean Van Echelpoel.

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