How are brands and media communicating about the Coronavirus pandemic? Today, we share a couple of examples of brands doing a great job in creating content for the current context.

The Coronavirus pandemic has put most industries under pressure. While some businesses are experiencing increasing growth due to a series of imposed behaviours to the population — such as working remotely and not leaving home for anything else than the strictly necessary — many others are struggling to keep alive for the exact same reasons.

But no matter on which side, no brand should go silent right now. During this period of uncertainty and worry, brands should now more than ever, communicate effectively with their clients and customers and strive to achieve meaningful engagement.

Hygiene has become a primer topic, so spreading relevant information and communicating the measures they are taking is important. But also with the new realities of social distancing and quarantine, people are forced to redefine routines and leisure activities, so being there to offer solutions, to challenge, to educate, and to make company is crucial.

Is there a right or wrong?

It’s important to understand this shouldn’t be a marketing opportunity that brands should capitalise on. There’s a risk of seeming insensitive when trying to keep sales going, so the approach here needs extra attention.

The best way to proceed marketing wise is by keeping the brand’s original tone, identity, and natural way of interacting with the audience. And simply combining that with honest value and information.

A bit of humour is, of course, also allowed as long as it makes sense and it’s not too provoking. ?

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Below, we’ve compiled a series of great communication and content examples. Some of the most known brands highlight how creativity can be used to inform, educate, and entertain the public in such a complex panorama.


Mercedes-Benz approach to coronavirus pandemic
Mercedes-Benz encourages its customers to flatten the curve and stay home.


McDonald’s changed its golden arches logo to sensitise people to social distancing due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Coronavirus pandemic approach by Nike
Nike’s new ad aims not to sell more sneakers but to get people’s attention to the concept of social distancing. Many athletes have also spread the message.


Coronavirus Pandemic approach by Netflix
Netflix created a customised guide teaching us how to wash our hands with the lyrics of “On a Roll” by Ashley O, the fictitious character from the series Black Mirror.


Adidas created a series of videos where their #hometeam members share their activities while in isolation. There are also diverse virtual events that people can sign up to participate.


Unsplash distanced the images on the website’s feed to sensitise its visitors to social distancing.


Coca-Cola encourages social distancing: “Staying apart is the best way to stay united.”


Levi’s is bringing live performances from its audience favourite artists and encouraging people to stay home and connected. 5:01 Live. is the iconic name of the initiative.


Ikea Israel created an Ikea-style instructional sheet on how to stay home, including locking the door, having toilet paper and not opening the door.

i-D Magazine

i-D approach to the coronavirus pandemic
The i-D magazine kept their bold approach and had their staff putting together a list of 100 (realistic) things to do during quarantine.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has recently introduced the Bottega Residency. To entertain its core audience in times of isolation, the house will be providing creative inspiration suggested by its collaborators.

Burger King

Burger King rearranged their slogan to remind its customers to stay home.


coronavirus pandemic response by spotify
Spotify is raising money for artists and the global music community after many shows and tours were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

At Cherrydeck we’ve been working on content that aims to help out the creative community during the Coronavirus pandemic. At a time where most projects were cancelled or postponed, we’ve compiled a series of tips on how to get alternative income sources or work publicity as a creator. If you have more suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments.

If you are a brand and have a project or campaign in mind, reach out and support us supporting the creative industry. There’s tons of creativity out there, waiting to be unleashed. ?

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