This week we celebrate some of the Cherrydeck newcomer model members and bring to you 15 new faces you need to be on the lookout for in 2020. Enjoy!

Finding the right model for a shooting, campaign or show can be a hassle, especially if you’re not always able to collaborate with an agency or don’t have a step into the right network yet.

With an increasing number of talented people out there, at Cherrydeck we want to make sure that everyone is able to find the ideal face and that nothing stands in front of great work.

While the amount of model members joining our platform keeps growing, today we wanted to celebrate some of the newcomers you should keep an eye for.

From beautiful faces to endlessly long legs or curvy figures, below we’ve gathered 15 outstanding talents that you should definitely add to your people-to-work-with list.

If you know someone who should be part of this selection, tell them about us through the unique link in your profile. Happy scrolling!

Model Anne-Sophie-d’Artagnan
Anne-Sophie d’Artagnan – Enschede, Netherlands

Model Ksenia Koval
Ksenia Koval – Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine

Model Ronny Janssen
Ronny Janssen – Teteringen, Netherlands

Model Marion Pascale
Marion Pascale – Stuttgart, Germany

Model Marc Roura
Marc Roura – Barcelona, Spain

Model Jessey Rodrigus
Jessey Rodrigus – Tilburg, Netherlands

Model Yvanna Ntonga
Yvanna Ntonga – Lyon, France

Model Adrian Wons
Adrian Wons – Berlin, Germany

Newcomer Models - Model Gaëlle Wauthier
Gaëlle Wauthier – Knokke-Heist, Belgium

Newcomer Models - Model Darcy Dodds
Darcy Dodds – Zürich, Switzerland

Model Caterina Gianni
Caterina Gianni – Milan, Italy

Model Martino M.
Martino M. – Vienna, Austria

Model Kaily Lau
Kaily Lau – London, UK

Newcomer Models 2020 - Model Moostapha Saidi
Moostapha Saidi – Johannesburg, South Africa

Newcomer Models 2020 - Model Jessie Nadu
Jessie Nadu – Paris, France

Cherrydeck makes it easier for agency-signed and upcoming models on Instagram to get found and helps creators to find the right faces to collaborate with. To see more models on Instagram and new faces on Cherrydeck, visit our model search, here.

To read about posing, model myths, and being yourself, check out our interview with the model Jason Harderwijk. If you want to have a peek into newcomer models we’ve highlighted in the past, have a look at our selection, here. ?

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