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The moment has arrived! Here are the winners of Cherrydeck’s Editors’ Choice Awards of July 2018. This month, the theme “Architecture” is the main focus and we asked photographers to share with us their photographic interpretation of the built environment and man-made structures. For the selection process, we received the help from André Krüger, a freelancer, digital strategist, photographer, and lecturer based in Hamburg and Berlin.

Chosen from a large number of submissions, below you can find the 15 winners. It is such a great pleasure that we have the chance to share some of their work!

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July 2018 Editors’ Choice (not ranked in any particular order):

Lars Gruber

Lars is an architectural photographer based in Frankfurt, Germany. After working as an advertising photographer for some years, shooting mostly still-life and food in the studio, Lars decides it is time to get out. His desire to shoot outside, under real conditions, but to still do carefully composed high-end advertising work, makes him shift his focus to architectural photography. Currently, he can be found working mainly for architects, real estate, and industry, shooting impressive architecture all around Europe.

Marion Liebmann

Marion is originally from the Baltic Sea and that was also the place where she started to photograph. In her first years, she was very fond of landscape photography and impressed by the light and mood of nature. Over time, she has also developed a passion for lines and structures and begun to photograph architecture. Marion finds time and patience crucial elements to obtain the perfect perspective of something. She believes those will make all the difference in defining a picture’s mood.

Will Japs

A French architectural and minimalist photographer, Will Japs, lives between Warsaw and Paris. He is fascinated by the aesthetics of buildings and the details of their shapes. In his eyes, every building has its own architectural language with a unique vocabulary. By abstracting urban forms, his photographs deconstruct cityscapes, freeing buildings from their spatial context and known surroundings.

Gregory Collavini

Gregory was born in Bern, Switzerland, and graduated from the University of Art and Design of Lausanne. His work is mainly inspired by architecture, landscape, and urban planning, and he usually likes to combine opposite elements. His most renowned work, Silent Outlooks, has been published by Favre Editions and is regularly exhibited in Switzerland and abroad.

Paulise Archphoto

Paulise is the nickname of the Lithuanian architectural photographer and founder of Paulise Archphoto, based in Vilnius. During her architecture studies, she discovered that the creative process can be found in capturing urban and architectural environments instead of in building the architectural ideas themselves, and she has been falling in love with photography ever since. Paulise’s work is based on clear structures and compositions, where she tries to reflect the mood of each atmosphere.

Agnes Mezosi

Agnes is an artist from Hungary, and her style is a combination of constructivism, minimalism, abstract and avant-garde trends. She plays with geometric forms, shapes, light, and shadows, which results in very graphical photographs and powerful compositions. Her goal is to show the simplicity of our over-complicated world, which she believes is hard to understand given our tendency to add complexity to everything.

Robert Frühauf

Robert lives and works in Vienna, Austria – a city rich in history where he finds both its historic architecture and more contemporary structures truly inspiring for his work. He always looks for fascinating geometry and symmetries that often get unnoticed in the constructions surrounding us. When visiting abroad, he tries to search for similar features of buildings, creating a connecting element between all of his works.

Bartolomeo Diaz

Bartolomeo is a young photographer and cinematographer based in Split, Croatia. Being captivated by what he calls “the concrete jungle”, he likes to photograph inhabitants of his own city using high contrast and long shadows, while combining their figures with geometric lines of buildings. His work is always in black and white and he is currently preparing his first solo exhibition. In the meantime, Bartolomeo is also studying at the Academy of drama in Zagreb.

Ivan Muraenko

Ivan is a published and award-winning photographer based in Moscow, Russia. His work highlights a minimalistic and abstract architectural style, and his interest relies on researching the interaction between individuals and architecture. Through visual experiments, Ivan tries to understand where lies the boundary between how we interpret architecture and how we can, in fact, see it.

Mark Tarasenko

It is in Kiev, Ukraine where Mark makes a living as an architect. He has been fond of fine art since an early age and fascinated by photography in the last few years. He likes to highlight the features and feelings of certain places in his photographs, combining their textures, colors, forms, and lighting. During his university times, Mark became especially interested in the architecture of the era of Soviet modernism, which is clear while going through his work.

Tom Hillebrand

Tom Hillebrand is an architect living in Innsbruck, Austria. His love for photography and imagery drove him to do Computer Generated Image professionally, mostly featuring architectural renderings. While his work requires him to look at the big picture, photography, for him, allows him to do the opposite. It allows him to look at details, colors, forms, simplicity, and enjoy the freedom of letting the image be the purpose itself.

Douglas Hill

Douglas is a London-born experienced specialist in the photography of architecture, interiors, furniture, and food, based in Los Angeles. His original work has already been reproduced in numerous magazines, books, catalogs, and websites, and represented in several collections such as J. Paul Getty Museum, Library of Congress, Museum of Photographic Arts in Tucson, and AZ and Huntington Library in Pasadena.

Sven Ellsworth

Sven is an American commercial architectural photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand.  His deepest passion lies in photographing architecture, interiors, people, and cityscapes. He usually collaborates with creative brand leaders in a wide range of industries, from hospitality to media. His work is known for his technique of long exposures and multiple layers that he then blends to create the final image.

Ramsey Bakhoum

Formally trained as an architect, Ramsey Bakhoum is an architectural photographer and creator of Parallax Agency, based in Boston. Having exercised architecture as a profession for many years, Ramsey merged his architectural experience with his passion for design and photography. He collaborated alongside other commissioned artists, such as Susan Clinard, in creating art for buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as for permanent installation at University Park at MIT. Recently, Ramsey has been assisting local architects in the pursuit of design awards from the American Institute of Architects.

Will Milne

Will Milne is a commercial photographer and photography educator at the University of  North Texas. He seeks clean lines and balance in his images and finds inspiration in shadows, architecture, and interesting characters. When he is not behind the camera, you can find him on a basketball court.

We would like to thank every member for sharing their work and passion for photography. We are very happy to have you with us on our journey! If you would like to see the previous selections of Cherrydeck’s Editors’ Choice Awards and getting to know other excellent profiles visit our blog and our website, here.


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