World class architecture photographers like London based Edmund Sumner reached international heights by paying attention to the basics of architecture photography. While a good eye and style is hard to replicate, there are some techniques that can be adopted to improve your results.

Fstoppers’ author Jonathan Reid has shared a few simple and essential tips on architecture photography, which is very useful for anyone who wants to capture buildings or interior objects in a magazine quality way.

Here are the five tips:

1. How to choose which angle to capture the buildings— for example, point perspective or angel perspective
2. How to avoid blue light spill
3. How to take out the overkill of too many noise in a photo
4. How to save time on set for the right shots.
5. How to not overdo retouching

Jonathan concludes in his article that he has learnt from his own experience in his 6-year architecture photography endeavor. In our opinion, it’s a simple guide worth reading!

(Photo by Edmund Sumner)

Posted by:Philipp Baumgaertel

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