Finding a voice is possibly the most controversial struggle artists endure throughout their career. It took this artis ten long years to find hers.

Sandy Skoglund: How do we deal with the non-rational byproducts of rationalism?

© 2001 Douglas Dreishpoon
The Green House (1990)

Since the 70s she has been searching for and researching her own language: poised between reality and fiction, Skoglund explores nature through conceptualism, metaphores and illusions.

The creative process consists in the creation of an extremely complex setting, which she then immortalizes, synthesizing installation, sculpture and photography.

Breathing Glass (200) by Sandy Skoglund

In an imagery often suspended between dream and reality, a transfigured domestic environment emerges, now full of paradoxes and disquietude.

I do, in fact, think of my work as a film shot in a familiar environment where the spectator feels at ease. And yet, in this space delimited by a frame, there is always something explicitly anomalous. The subjects I prefer are domestic interiors, and I explore them with morbid curiosity.

© 1998 Demetrio Paparoni
Sandy Skoglund
color photograph; approx. image area 27 1/2″ X 35″
Sandy Skoglund
color photograph; approx. image area 25 1/2″ X 33″
Sandy Skoglund
color photograph; approx. image area: 48″ X 65″

The work has been recently displayed at CAMERA (Italian Photography Center) in Turin. For more stunning and mesmerising art from the artist, visit her website, here.

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