Jan-Philip was the videographer selected by Equality Fragrances to film the brand’s launch movie. The content was used on the perfume’s launch event, social media, and is now available on the website too.

About a year ago, Jan-Philip decided to officially become a freelancer and started to more actively look for creative work online. Sometime after finding and joining Cherrydeck, the Equality Fragrances job opportunity caught his attention.

After applying, the process was easy and Equality quickly decided Jan would be the videographer chosen for their project. Two days later, they had the first meeting and started preparing for the shooting days.

We instantly had a good vibe and I loved the brand, the idea, and the whole project.

The assignment was to make a short film which would work as a commercial but also as an image-film for the new lifestyle and perfume brand. The film was supposed to show what Equality stands for and what the costumer is telling the world by choosing the brand.

After talking to Lukas, one of the founders of Equality, the idea of the film became more and more clear. We wanted to show many different characters dealing with different situations, backgrounds and feelings. Some struggling, some happy, some depressed.

We wanted to show and generate a lot of emotions because people can relate with some of them or will start to wonder how would it be to stand in the place of certain characters. There is a lot of inequality in the world, although we are all the same — coming from the same and having the same worth and legitimacy to be here.

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The brand provided him a series of mood-films, and descriptions of shooting style, format, colours, rhythm, and angles that they were aiming to get. Afterwards, Jan had the freedom to do his work behind the camera.

Since the launch of the fragrance was only one month away, the working pace was fast and the collaboration between the videographer and the brand was very constant.

The final outcome was then presented on the brand’s launch event and is now accessible to everyone on its social media channels and on the website, here.

I loved the project, the brand, the founders. What I missed in the agencies I worked before I found in this project. Direct contact to the founders, the idea in my head, feeling their passion for it, and all with a great concept behind.

It is not about money, it is about social responsibility and to achieve a change out there. I am very happy to be a part of it.

Jan-Philip, known by everyone as JP, is a 26 years old videographer, who grew up in Rellingen, Germany. He studied Communication and Design and was working at Pahnke Markenmacherei until he decided to become a freelance Art Director and Content Creator.

Now trying to combine his creative energy with his desire to travel the world, Jan is looking for jobs around the globe, trying to find interesting and meaningful projects, either socially or environmentally. To see more of his work, visit his Cherrydeck profile or his website, here.

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