This week we updated our brand accounts on Cherrydeck! From now on, brands can not only search on our platform easily but also automatically submit projects and manage their favourite artists.

We are excited to deliver some good news for our clients. While working together with them for the past year, we’ve collected feedback to make Cherrydeck their personal hub for creative projects — easier, and more efficient. Similarly to creatives, businesses need profiles where they can store all their favourite creative professionals, get in touch with dedicated account managers and access relevant content to inspire their next campaigns.

This week, we finally shipped these updates!

With even lesser clicks, businesses can now search, save, and contact their preferred creative professionals, but also submit their briefs and open opportunities, get inspired, or simply brainstorm with us to create great content concepts.

Just like before, brands accounts stay hidden and private to the public and no information about specific businesses will be disclosed. Brands will be onboard, but visitors or members won’t be able to search for them, see the data they’ve submitted, or privately contact them, so they can focus on what’s important to them.

We do not only want to establish trust towards our clients, but also assure that all our members receive opportunities equally and have access to collaborations with nobody short-cutting.

Brand Accounts on Cherrydeck

We are glad to take one more step towards making creative collaboration hassle-free and great content accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world.

If you know exciting brands who would like to get onboard, share the good news and invite them to join Cherrydeck?

Stay tuned for the all the upcoming news and keep safe!

Posted by:Cherrydeck Editorial

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