The selected profiles for the Cherrydeck Community Award are LIVE! Ten images were selected among a sea of applications. Are you one of the winners?

The Community Award, together with the Creators Award, is a way to foster artists to make use of their existing work, while also recognising fantastic talent within the Cherrydeck community.

This time we invited photographers to explore the theme of “Happiness” and after going through all the submissions, ten images were finally selected. We would like to congratulate the winning photographers: NathanVictoriaVivien, Anastasia, Will, Andrea, Ka?ka, Cuca, Emanuele, and DanBravo!

To everyone who participated, we really appreciate your submission and hope you keep gifting us with your talent.

The ten winning entires (not ranked in any particular order):

Nathan Appleyard

Connie is somebody who I know through working with and for this image captures her joyful, loving and positive nature which she blesses us all with everyday. Whatever is happening she’s always there with a smile to help people.

Victoria Baczynska

The image represents happiness to me, because that smile was purely natural. I asked Gabriel (the model) to think of something that makes him happy, and then caught the moment of when he felt so.

Vivien Wilhelmina

It is the first warm days of summer. The first hangout at the beach with friends. Water is still a bit chilly, but the feeling is just amazing. You just feel pure joy.

Anastasia Altukhova

Happiness is in small things. She closes her eyes, breaks into a smile and starts dancing, she is happy.

Will Japs

The meaning of happiness does not depend specifically on what you possess, it is more a state of mind, no matter your life condition. Those people can be a lesson of joy and humility.

Andrea Alonso

La alegría es pura, sin ego, sin contrato. No te pide nada — ni tu atención, ni tu tiempo, ni tu solidaridad. Solo existe para existir, sin saber como lo van a recibir, sin saber la hora. Así era la sonrisa y risa de esta mujer — eterna en su fugacidad.

Joy is pure, without ego, without contract. It doesn’t ask you for anything — not your attention, not your time, not your solidarity. It just exists to exist, without knowing how it’s going to be received, without knowing time. Just like that was the smile of this woman — eternal in its fugacity.

Ka?ka Jankiewicz

This photo was taken during the last shooting before isolation — on Friday the 13th. We felt that soon the whole world would change. We tried to finish our fashion project before it happened. Me and my team enjoyed the freedom and work we love. The air sparkled with excitement. Finally on set, when we were filled with pure joy (and maybe too much caffeine), we devoted ourselves to chaotic improvisation.

Cuca Zabert

Due this particular moment we are all living, this image makes me smile and feel peacefully overwhelmed, it provides me a sensation of relief and reminds me the importance of appreciating the simple things with our beloved ones (like the sea with friends).

Emanuele Vignoli

While traveling a lot around this big world I have been finding different sorts of happiness: the one who’s happy for his beautiful expensive car in the Emirates, the happiness of those jumping from cliffs to the crystal water in Greece, the happiness of poor kids with soap bubbles in a river of the Philippines, the happiness of a young woman playing with the sun at the golden hour in Berlin. All these ways to get to happiness are different, of course, but they are always reflected in a small thing: a smile.

Dan Moga

We live our lives in tune with nature when we are happy, and all of our misery is the result of our effort to dictate against nature.

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