The second edition of the Cherrydeck Creators Award is closed for submissions and today, we reveal some of the best photography entries. Vote for your favourite artists and choose the Top 4 winners!

The Cherrydeck Creators Award was one of our first initiatives to support our talented community and reward artists during difficult times. After the success of the first edition, we decided that we should keep giving back to the creators in our community and created a second photography challenge.

This time, we asked photographers to submit works within the theme Awakening. In times where the global society starts to slowly awake from the pandemic, we were looking forward to seeing works that represented the coming back, the re-blooming of life.

After going through all the applications, a shortlist of ten projects caught our attention. Interestingly, while some creators focused on the awakening of the society, nature, and its calmness, others portrayed some of the social problems that also now start again gaining room.

We would like to invite every one of you to appreciate the works below and help us decide who should get the final awards by VOTING for your favourite image.

You can find a description of each picture below, along with the author’s name and link to their Cherrydeck profile. Voting is possible until July 2, midnight CET.

The four winning creators will be announced on July 3 and will be awarded with a final cash prize of €1 000, €300, €200, and €100 respectively. Happy voting and good luck to all the participants!

Ten shortlisted projects (not ranked in any particular order):

Fabian Schmid

Flooding is recorded around the world, as the temperature on Earth is rising more and more. Hundreds and thousands of cities and communities built close to sea level are facing huge existential problems and many of them will be gone in not much more than a few years. These pictures, along with a handful of others I’d taken, represent that there is no time to waste: it’s time for us and the people around us to finally awaken.

Fabian Schmid | Bern, Switzerland

Saurabh Narang

I took this photograph of young monks during their early morning prayers at the Tawang Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh, India. To me, this photo represents “awakening” as it shows their journey to enlightenment.

Saurabh Narang | Köln, Germany

Celia Topping

I shot this while on commission for National Geographic Traveller in The Hague. I had got up early to catch the best of the day, and opened my hotel curtains to this beautiful morning colour over Scheveningen Pier. It was so stunning I immediately rushed for my camera. Awakening in its literal sense.

Celia Topping | Berlin, Germany

Àgata Ferrando

There is a double meaning when you open your eyes in the morning and then, open your mobile notifications to get the informations from the whole world.

Àgata Ferrando | Barcelona, Spain

Joerg Lehmann

See the hidden beauty around us and tune it in your mind.

Joerg Lehmann | Berlin, Germany

Rafa Sánchez

Her mystic position and the light entering, reminds me of awakening.

Rafa Sánchez | Madrid, Spain

Sabina Bacevich

In my eyes, it looks like a person who is slowly leaving its cave. The cloudy sky represents the mood of uncertainty and sadness, as things are still very fragile.

Sabina Bacevich | Barcelona, Spain

Elias Bötticher

Awakening: We live in a world, where people get harassed, get threatened for their opinion. But we also live in a world where we can stand up against inequality, fight for our rights and try to live our sexual tendencies.

Elias Bötticher | Berlin, Germany

Raquel Pellicano

This is a very ethereal picture. Made at the morning light, it’s dreamy and she is half awake. Just “awakening”.

Photography Award
Raquel Pellicano | Lisbon, Portugal

Christina Kapl

This photo series was created after racial attacks in Germany, but sadly still feels so accurate in today’s situation around the globe and especially in the US. It ties a bond between rejection of one another, although we’re living next to each other and acceptance and feeling for each other. Feeling how another person thinks and scents things and how our actions or actions of our leaders affect not only ‘the others’ but our whole society.

The photos are standing for a willingness to get closer and awaken the mind.

Christina Kapl | Munich, Germany

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