Instagram is a huge pool of content and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of selfies, food porn, and challenge nominations. If you want to make sure you see great creativity from some of the most talented photographers out there, here’s a list of 20 people you should follow on Instagram.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 different photographers that you should definitely follow on Instagram. From Russia to Portugal, from food to lifestyle, from fashion to sports, here’s a group of highly talented people that will take your feed to another notch.

1. Michelle Äärlaht (@michelleaarlaht)

Michelle is a Swedish photographer based in London who sees geometric shapes everywhere she goes. Her work surrounds fine jewellery, still life, fashion, and architecture photography and she has shot for brands such as Net-a-Porter and Graff Diamonds. 

2. Simone Bramante (@brahmino)

Simone is a photographer and creative director from Milan, Italy. His playful images, created both in and out of the camera, often feature natural scenarios and have a strong storytelling component.

3. Pier Luigi Aldinucci (@pierlu__igi)

Pier Luigi is a landscape and travel photographer based in Central Italy. Photography started purely has a hobby and nowadays is his biggest passion. His images are defined by subdued hues and a focus on the details and nuances of the places Pier visits.

4. Chiara Bonetti (@_chiarabonetti)

Chiara is a photographer based in Berlin and working since 2015 between Italy and Germany. Her world is made of unconventional beauty, forgotten details, casual encounters, female bodies, un-staged beauty, unglamorous locations and daily life imperfections.

5. Cédric Dasesson (@cedricdasesson)

Cédric is a Cagliari (Italy) based artist who started in architecture and ended up following a path in photography and conceptual art. He is addicted to the sea and enjoys watching the world through simplicity and breakdown of descriptive elements such as lines and curves.

6. Nicolee Drake (@cucinadigitale)

Nicolee is a Californian photographer with an eye for storytelling. She moved to Rome in 2009 and has been since then involved in creating intriguing visual concepts. She holds a Master of Fine Arts and enjoys well-loved bicycles, worn-in Chuck Taylors, and descriptive hand gestures.

7. Jule Breiert (@saltnsugar_food)

Jule, together with Alina, form a duo of two taste hunters with a passion for good food. With design in their blood and taste in their hearts, they share recipes, food experiences, and photograph amazing dishes using structure, coloring, light, and styling.

8. Jon Cleave (@joncleave)

Jon Cleave is a photographer and creative director working with worldwide iconic and cherished brands. He’s also the co-founder of Outsiders, an on-going project that aims to help conserve the world we live in. His work has been nominated for numerous global awards.

9. Forest Bru (@forest_bru)

Forest is a photographer and art director from Paris, France. With his work, he aims to create clear, important, and amazing messages.

10. Teresa Freitas (@teresacfreitas)

Teresa spends her time photographing, travelling, and creating creative content for brands. The Lisbon-based artist often plays with colour to achieve calm and happiness in every place she visits and subject she shoots.

11. Dan Moga (@mogamariusdan)

Dan is a photographer and storyteller based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He discovered a passion for photography after high school when he gave up his professional soccer career. His work has been featured in The Analog Club, Wul Magazine, Underdog Magazine, among others.

12. Roman Rätzke (@romanraetzke)

Roman is a Hamburg-based automotive photographer. Born in 1985 and raised in the northern part of Germany, he started a training as audio-visual media designer at the North German radio station NDR. After finishing his training he decided to turn his passion into profession. Since 2004, Roman frequently travels and ties his unbowed enthusiasm for cars together with his dream job: photography for clients around the globe.

13. Peter Karasev (@peterkarasev)

Peter is a professional photographer based in St. Petersburg, Russia, doing work with a focus on food and lifestyle for clients all over the world. Counting more than 54k followers, Peter showcases tastefully styled imagery that inspires every day.

14. Laura Bonnefous (@laurabonnefous)

Laura Bonnefous offers us a poetic depiction of reality. Her work is inspired by the relationship that mankind maintains with our contemporary landscape and by the mutation our society goes through. Objects, shapes, volumes, colours, and movements constitute the raw material from which her projects come to life.

15. Dario Viegas (@dario.explore)

Dario describes himself as a photographer and wonderer from Portugal, but his profile gets us lost all around the globe. His portfolio features numerous landscapes spread around the world, always accompanied by an idiosyncratic perspective and smooth colours and tones.

16. Eszter Sara Cseh (@esztersarah)

Eszter is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. Her images are never indifferent to the eye and are often characterised by their soft shades and intelligent compositions. Looking at her profile, one can quickly get the cues of her quite unique visual world.

17. Leire Unzueta (@leireunzueta)

Leire is an outdoor and travel photographer based in Durango, Basque Country. She started traveling around the world at a young age and after living in both North and Latin America for sometime, she developed an interest for other cultures and different ways of living. Having always had a special connection to photography, it was just a matter of time before she started using her cameras to tell the stories of the places she visited.

18. Marta Bevacqua (@martabevacqua)

Marta is an Italian photographer and director based in Paris, France. She started shooting during her teens and hasn’t stopped ever since. Her images always surprise due to the creative sets, the beautiful styling, the models’ natural looks, and the delicacy embedded.

19. Johannes Höhn (@pangea)

Johannes is a 34-year-old photographer, videographer, and content creator based in Cologne, Germany. His work has a major focus on outdoors, sports, and lifestyle and “authenticity” is the key when it comes to describing his way of shooting.

20. Kendra Storm Rae (@kendrastormrae)

Kendra is a professional photographer based in Berlin, Germany. She is a skilled artist and highly passioned about fashion, often working with fashion designers, world-class models, and admirable professional teams. Her portfolio counts numerous bold looks and colourful makeup styles.

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