Irritated by the persistence of feminine taboos and stereotypes, Margaux Corda decided to create a gentle sense of discomfort. The use of satire invites the viewer to question modern society and established opinions.

Driven by the desire to question society’s vision on feminine taboos and stereotypes, as well as the viewpoints which are, in return, imposed on women in a modern western society, Margaux Corda was inspired to reflect beauty and innocence. The project, “Blade for Babes“, acts as an imagery of satirical criticism of specific codes and clichés which are still considered to be a struggle.

I would like to talk about the superficiality of certain injunctions that continue to feed taboos, and the psychological ill-being that threatens every little girl, every woman, being the violence that society imposes on us.

Margaux Corda

Having lived, and still living, through these female oriented taboos, Margaux wants to shed light on the flood of unhappiness and misunderstandings that are resulted in women of any age. From the female body, to the “duties as a women”, and physical and psychological pain the images aim to help portray the reverse and embrace of power within women. Resistance is possible and it is slowly coming to life, and becoming a popularised mindset – especially through feminist movements, strikes and demonstrations.

feminine taboos and stereotypes
feminine taboos and stereotypes
feminine taboos and stereotypes

Having wondered about everyday objects, which many seem trivial but at the same time have a symbolic impact, Margaux decided to include them throughout her series. However, the power which these objects has was destructed by the use of glitter and pink tones. The intent of this contrast was to ruin the feminine and gentle aesthetic and abrupt to objects initial connotation thus, creating discomfort.

feminine taboos and stereotypes

Photographer Margaux Corda is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and focuses her work around the genres of Food and Still Life, Fine Arts, and Fashion and Beauty. Having graduated with a Bachelor in Visual Communication from Écal (École cantonale d’art de Lausanne), she specialised in photography in 2018. Now, working as freelance and with Delphineetmoi Production, Margaux splits her time between Lausanne and Paris. Margaux’s work focuses on the themes of identity, beauty, inheritance and society’s perceptions.

To see more of Margaux’s work, visit her Cherrydeck profile or her website, here. To see more photography based around the idea of breaking stereotypes and empowerment, have a look at “Stronger Together” by Emma Boonne, or “A Study of Femininity” by Cole Ndelu. ?

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