It can be difficult to find not only interesting places to photograph, but also those that allow for inspiration to run free. This is both the case if you are looking at taking photographs in your home country or whilst traveling.

This series hopes to provide insights to places you should explore the next time you are in need of discovering a new location. Read below for insights on the 6 most hidden and inspiring places to photograph in Italy — gathered from some of our local Cherrydeck members. Enjoy!


The second most populous city in northern Italy, Milan, is one of the four top fashion capitals of the world. So it is not surprising, many photographers are inspired by their travels throughout Milan to shoot portrait and fashion shots.

Various cultural dimensions are reflected throughout the city, where wild nature collides with the modern architecture merged with medieval elements.

Clara Parmigiani, a freelance photographer based in Milan, is constantly inspired by all the unique cultural insights the city has to offer. Not only does the rich culture have a great impact on the outcome of the images, but it is also a key determinant for inspiration.

Clara recommends the Fall and Spring seasons as the perfect times for a creative visit to Milan. According to her, the ideal time to explore the city is in the evening.

Fondazione Prada

Fondazione Prada is an Institution in Milan dedicated to contemporary art and culture. A mere 30 minute drive outside the city centre, inspired creatives will stumble across an extravagant venue. Filled with art, Fondazione Prada’s buildings are perceived as a form of art themselves too:

It brings the contrast of textures and concepts to the photo. For instance: one-floor cubes with glass walls reflect the wild flora around them, and water reflects concrete constructions.

Anastasiya Goncharova

The combination of concrete geometric elements with metal, water and wild-growing plants, give the location a supernatural, calm and magnetic feel. The glass walls almost lead you to a parallel reality through their reflections — providing the freedom to experiment with artistic perceptions.

Anastasiya strongly encourages creatives to visit Fondazione Prada and discover the endless beauty present outside the museum’s walls. She recommends to visit in the Spring and Summer seasons in the afternoon.

Monte Amiata Housing Complex

A 30-minute drive outside of Milan, you will find the Monte Amiata Housing Complex. Often times referred to as the “Red Dinosaur”, the complex is widely known in the international architecture community for its unique look.

Having shot numerous personal projects here, Alba constantly finds herself inspired by the vibrant colours and the fragmented positioning of the buildings. The location is great for architectural photography, she says.

This place is the embodiment of the first theorisation of our modern big cities.

Alba Deangelis

Although easy to reach, due to the flooding of photographers in the past, you need authorisation in order to get inside the complex. Alba recommends visitors — that are lucky enough to gain access — to visit year-round, preferably in the afternoon.

Golfo dei Poeti

Golfo dei Poeti is a small hidden-gem located on the western coast between Liguria and Tuscany. The large town of La Spezia lies in the middle of the bay, which is unmissable through its colourful and vibrant houses, and narrow streets. The town and its surroundings invite to experience slow life and discover its surrounding nature.

The colours there are warm and the lights are suffused, I love the pastel tones that surround me.

Alessia Morellini

Alessia Morellini is a fine arts, and travel and landscape photographer from Bologna, Italy. Preferring the small details which surround her, Alessia enjoys capturing the discoveries she makes when walking around. She urges inspired individuals to visit in the Spring time, when it is not so crowded by tourists. It is advised to explore the golf coast by boat, preferably in the evening hours.

Rione Ponte

The neighbourhood of Rione Ponte belongs to the centre of Rome, and through its close proximity to historic and touristic areas, the neighbourhood presents various cultural dimensions. The close proximity to Piazza Navona, Trastevere or the Trevi Fountain area ensures that inspiration can run free whilst encompassing the Italian way of life.

Many streets in Rione Ponte have an artistic value of their own, as the neighbourhood is often times used for the filming of movies — for instance, the film Bicycle Thieves was filmed on the street Vicolo della Campanella.

It preserves the real essence of Rome, away from the big spots, but close to them.

Corinna Rombi

Corinna says that the warm and vivid lights presented throughout Rome, make the perfect setting for architecture and fashion photography. She recommends a visit in the Spring and Summer months, and mornings and evenings as the best times.


places to photograph in Italy
Pictures by Andrea Marchese

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and belongs to one of the 20 regions of Italy. With around 5 million inhabitants, the island contains not only a great deal of beauty but also tradition. Its rich culture in the arts, literature, music, and architecture make sure to inspire anyone who visits — from Shakespeare’s classic, Romeo and Juliet, to the destructive beauty that is an active stratovolcano.

I think it is an island of deep beauty and great contrasts and contradictions, where melancholy, grandeur and decadence coexist.

Andrea Marchese

Nestled at the foot of Mount Etna, an inspired creative will stumble across a quant town, Zafferana Etnea. The town offers a great contrast between volcano and ocean views.

The photographer Andrea Marchese is attracted by isolated landscape elements, as he is able to grasp the relationship between the inner and outer landscape through them. Andrea recommends to explore Sicily by car, as this is the only way to reach inspiring spots. Moreover, due to the light that is reflected all around the island, the morning and evenings are the best times to take photos.

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