It’s no easy task finding unique and unexplored spots to photograph. We asked our skilled members for their top breathtaking spots to photograph in Iceland. Have a look!

This series hopes to provide insights to amazing areas you should keep under your radar the next time you are interested in discovering a new location. Read below for insights on 4 breathtaking spots to photograph in Iceland, gathered from some of our local Cherrydeck members. They are sure to inspire — Enjoy!

The Highlands of Iceland

The Highlands of Iceland are located in the centre of the country. The inhabited plateau is situated above an altitude of over 500 metres on a mostly unliveable volcanic desert. In fact, the majority of Iceland’s impressive natural attractions are located in the Highlands.

Travel and landscape photographers Ivar and Daniel say that the Highlands are their favourite spot to photograph in Iceland due to the serenity, natural beauty, and the contrasts that surround this location. The Highlands are flooded with many mountains, which reach between 1,000 and 2,000 metres in height, where the majority are covered by glaciers. From glaciers, to volcanos, to oases, the highlands have it all!

It’s so unique and the beauty is surreal. There are so many different textures, different colours… your options are endless.

Ivar Eythorsson

As the Highlands are only accessible for four months in the year – from June to September – the unique feelings of nature are preserved. Due to the limited access, the best and only seasons in which visits are possible are the summer and fall. Ivar recommends that inspired explorers visit the Highlands in the morning, evening, or night hours.

The access to the Highlands is fairly easy and Ivar recommends to travel around in a Jeep, as you may have to cross deep rivers, or drive on difficult roads.

If possible, Daniel recommends to shoot aerial photography in the Highlands, as it is the best way to share the moody and dark vibes that surround the scenery in this area.

Keep in mind that the Highlands of Iceland are delicate, the slightest damage can result in irreversible erosion.

Brúarfoss Waterfall

4 Breathtaking Spots to Photograph in Iceland
Pictures by Julia Pertek

An hour and a half drive east of Reykjavík, one will stumble across the Brúarfoss Waterfall, or also referred to as the Bridge Falls. Compared to other waterfalls throughout Iceland, the Brúarfoss Waterfall is relatively small, however the existing beauty is unmatchable. The waterfall is often times referred to as a hidden gem by both locals and seasoned travellers.

Travel and landscape photographer Julia prefers to capture drone images in the location and compare the changes through the different seasons. Although the colours of the scenery change depending on the time of the year, the water always maintains its undeniable blue colour. Because of the water’s tone, the waterfall has been nicknamed “Icelands Bluest Waterfall.”

Brúarfoss is a unique waterfall that cascades into a very deep gorge. The water is always incredibly blue, no matter the season.

Julia Pertek

Contrary to the Highlands of Iceland, the Brúarfoss Water is available to visit at any time throughout the year. It is a popular hiking area due to its proximity to Reykjavík, however it is not yet overcrowded with tourists. Don’t forget, if you brave the hike then pack sturdy!

Although it is open year-round, Julia recommends visitors to see the beauty of the waterfall in the summer months, ideally in the evening.

Southern Region

The most easily accessible region in Iceland is the Southern Region, due to the lack of snow it gets in comparison to the north. The majority of the region lies on an approachable level and one can see empowering coastal fronts, glaciers, and waterfalls as frequent sites.

Fine arts and travel photographer Daniel enjoys taking photographs of the landscape and weather in the Southern Region. He believes that the great contrast and the dominant scenery contribute to Iceland’s rich background and diversity. Daniel’s images, presented above, were taken in various locations of the Southern region: the Glju?frafoss Þo?rsmo?rk Nature Reserve, the Sigo?ldufoss waterfall in Tungnaa? River, and the So?lheimajo?kull glacier outlet (left to right).

What makes it so special is that everything is in one place. Volcanos, geysers, hot rivers and hot springs, beautiful highlands, and glaciers all belong to the many attractions.

Daniel Romanowski

According to Daniel, the best seasons to visit the Southern Region and explore the sights for yourself are in the summer and winter, around the morning, afternoon and night hours. Daniel encourages creatives to explore the Southern Region on their own and discover the beautiful nature Iceland has to offer.


Pictures by Christina Raytsiz

Roughly ten kilometres east of Ásólfsskáli, lies the oldest swimming pool in Iceland in Seljavallalaug. Hidden in the mountains of southern Iceland and due to a row of natural attractions in the area, many visitors overlook the swimming pool built in 1923.

Built at the feet of a mountain by a man with the aim to have a place to teach the local population how to swim, the installation is naturally filled with hot water. Reykjavík-based photographer Christina says that she prefers to shoot landscape photography here, as this spot adds tranquil vibes to any image through the earthy elements and colour pallet.

It is not only a place to swim, but also a place to relax in a hot tub or sauna, chat with your friends and strengthen your immune system.

Christina Raytsiz

Geothermal swimming pools, like this one in Seljavallalaug, surround a great part of the culture in Iceland. The oldest outdoor swimming pool in Iceland is fairly easy to reach, however, like most hidden gems in the country, it requires a 20-minute hike to be reached.

Christina recommends the best time to visit Seljavallalaug is in the summer time, ideally in the morning, afternoon, or evening hours.

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