You know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. But, what if a picture could not only speak, but sing? We asked our photographers to answer this question and give life to their photography through music.

One of the reasons why music and photography are such beloved art forms, is because both allow for idiosyncratic understandings. Even though they usually result from a very personal expression of the creator, each piece still leaves enough room for everyone to make a bit of their own interpretation.

But what if we could add even more artist expression to a picture? What if we could better understand the creator’s goal and desired interpretation?

After a first successful attempt, we decided to challenge some of our Cherrydeck photographers again. The task was to match their photos with a song they think best describes or fits with the mood, or story, of a selected picture.

It was a blast hearing the photographers’ choices while looking at their stunning images.

Are you curious already? Then, put your headphones in, crank up the volume, and scroll down for the selection below!

Photography Meets Music

Nadia Correia

When Nadia looks at her photograph, the song that comes to mind is “Feel Your Weight” by Rhye. The image is from a project entitled “Shining Earthlings” for TMRW Magazine and was created with the intent of raising a discussion regarding the usage of sustainable glitter in the festival season. The image and song definitely bring up festival vibes!

Johan Wennerström

This photo from Johan’s project “Shoe Shame – Dirty Old Shoes” reminds him of the song “93′ Til Infinity” by Souls of Mischief. The main reason why he thinks of this song when looking at this image, and the others from the project, is due to the warm and fuzzy feelings of the 90s that are reflected.

Taja Spasskova

When Taja looks at the photo above, the song “Made to Stray” by Mount Kimble comes to mind. She listened to this song during the photo selection process and it helped her become inspired. The tones and beats of the song are repeated throughout the image itself – take a listen!

Maria Larionova

When Maria looks at the photo she took of Ryam, the song “Habib Galbi” by A-WA comes to mind. A-WA is a band of three sisters, who compose their songs in Arabic. As Maria is very inspired by different cultures, the elements of Yemenite traditional music inspire her creativity and the authenticity she reflects in the moments she captures.

Alexander Ermakov

When Alexander shot this photo of Maria he was listening to the song “Renata” by James Holden on repeat. The shoot was inspired by the overall atmosphere presented from New Year’s and the style ideals of the future. The soap bubble surrounding Maria’s eye is a sort of call-to-action to inspire a designer of eyewear to create a new kind of design.

The uplifting, yet futuristic mood surrounding the image and its meaning can be identified in the song “Renata.”

Lisa Weinstein

On a cold December day, Lisa was listening to the song “My Funny Valentine” by Ella Fitzgerald whilst shooting the image shown above. She describes the melody of the music in combination with the deep tones of the image as sparking the perfect winter vibe.

The contrast between the photograph and the song is the perfect description of a moody winter day. At first glance it seems dark, however at a longer glance one starts to see the light and colourful details.

We hope you enjoyed the selections as much as we did and had a nice little jam-session! Can’t get enough of Photography Meets Music? Check out the last edition, here.

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