If coronavirus taught us something in 2020, it was how we are damaging our ecosystem and the consequences that can have. Before the end of the year, Lacoste and National Geographic teamed up to call us to action and created an exclusive collection to celebrate wildlife.

In December, Lacoste and National Geographic presented a range of products with prints inspired by wildlife animals. The collection features eyewear, hoodies, as well as the traditional Lacoste polo shirt.

This new ready-to-wear line for men, women and kids is inspired by the project “National Geographic Photo Ark” led by the award-winning photographer Joel Sartore. The photographer shot more than 10,000 species to raise awareness about wildlife protection. According to National Geographic, this is:

(…) a multiyear effort to document every species living in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, inspire action through education, and help save wildlife by supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts.

National Geographic
Lacoste and National Geographic wildlife collection jaguar polo shirt
National Geographic Photo Ark Jaguar
The species

The Grévy’s Zebra, the Green and Black Poison Dart Frog, the Halloween Pennant Dragonfly, and the Jaguar, are the four species who inspired the patterns of the exclusive collection.

Having a strong educational purpose, every piece of the line comes with a label describing the specificities of the species.

Lacoste and National Geographic wildlife collection zebra
But the collection contributes actively to these efforts too

Alongside the aim to celebrate wildlife, efforts have been made regarding the fabrics. All the materials in the collection — from recycled polyester in bags, to organic cotton in polo shirts, and natural rubber in shoe soles — are eco-responsible, certified as sustainable and recycled.

Lacoste National Geographic wildlife collection puff jacket
Impressed by the Lacoste and National Geographic wildlife campaign?

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