Countless talented creatives have joined our community in March. We are excited to welcome this month’s fresh talent to Cherrydeck. Take a look!

Photographers, videographers, and models from all over the globe have joined our community in the past month. Today, we would like to take a moment to celebrate some of the fresh newcomers and their talent.

Take a look at their work below. Enjoy!

fresh talent to Cherrydeck
Ade Coker | London, UK
fresh talent to Cherrydeck
Sofia Wessén | Berlin, Germany
fresh talent to Cherrydeck
Fernanda Cândido | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
fresh talent to Cherrydeck
Steven Bernhard | Madrid, Spain
Jaqueline Larsen | Madrid, Spain
fresh talent to Cherrydeck
Ken Wagner | Dresden, Germany
Emma Harrisova | Prague, Czechia
fresh talent to Cherrydeck
Andrean lim | Jakarta, Indonesia
Maria Marin | Barcelona, Spain
Shokhsanam Sanakulova | Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Magnus Bjørnerud | Oslo, Norway

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Discover more unique talent in our pool of creatives, by searching for a photographer that fulfills your criteria. Learn more about how to find a photographer in our blog post, here. ?

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