June has brought new talent to Cherrydeck. Today, we would like to welcome the fresh talent that has joined our community last month. Have a look and enjoy!

A sea of talented creatives have joined our community last month. Now, we would like to celebrate some of the fresh talents who have recently arrived to Cherrydeck. Take a look at a snippet of their outstanding expertise below.


fresh talent june
Lauren Luxenberg | London, UK
fresh talent june
Bo Lenaerts | Antwerpen, Belgium
fresh talent june
Niklas Lemaire | Cologne, Germany
fresh talent june
Hamza Lafrouji | Casablanca, Morocco
Vincent Remy | Luxembourg
fresh talent june
Javier Márquez | Barcelona, Spain
Mia Edmond | Manchester, UK
fresh talent june
Olga Lerman | Moscow, Russia
fresh talent june
Aleksandra Kustra | Warsaw, Poland
Angelika Kozlovskaya | Warsaw, Poland

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