Black Friday continues to be one of the most important times of the year in the marketing calendar. It is crucial to get inspired if you want your brand to stand out.

An outstanding Black Friday campaign will drive great performance to your brand. This list contains the best Black Friday marketing campaigns of 2020, so your brand can get extra inspiration and boost the most sales this year!

Early Access


The brand allowed its customers to be informed about its Black Friday promotions ahead of the big day in exchange for filling out a form with their email addresses. A quick and easy way to attract interested prospects!

& Other Stories 

The fast-fashion brand took a similar approach by offering shoppers the option to pre-select the items in their shopping cart to then launch a site-wide sale on Black Friday. A great way to hook the attention of consumers by allowing them to browse the catalog beforehand. Other clothing brands like Steve Madden, followed the same approach. 

Make it Interactive!

Amazon — Black Friday Live Events

In addition to the traditional huge discounts and savings, Amazon ran a 10-day Black Friday Live event series that delivered workshops and entertainment featuring TV personalities. These events drove customers to the Amazon website where they could view and purchase the list of products needed to participate in the event – an efficient CTA for their sales.

Furthermore, with increasing ethical demands from consumers, Amazon also encouraged customers to shop and support small businesses through their site.

Walmart — #Unwrapthedeals

The US giant gamified Black Friday deals by creating a challenge on Tiktok. Through a shoppable Tiktok filter they incentivized consumers to “unwrap” virtual deals and win surprises, and it allowed them to click straight to the Walmart website and buy them. The initiative got everyone to use the hashtag and brought high engagement rates to the brand.

The Game Changers

IKEA — #BuybackFriday

Indeed, with increasing awareness of sustainability issues, brands are shifting from the typical discount concept that fosters consumerism, to an innovative concept that promotes recycling. IKEA used this to put its brand values into practice and ran a campaign that encouraged customers in  27 countries to trade used IKEA furniture and receive an in-store credit voucher. Items that could not be resold were recycled or donated to communities in need. We loved to see it!

Patagonia — Buy Less, Demand More

The popular outdoor clothing and gear brand was another to preach sustainability last Black Friday by promoting a ‘reversible’ poem that demanded action. The brand urged shoppers to shop less, and repair existing clothing pieces. They exceeded their own expectations and reached a record-breaking 10 million dollars in sales through their Black Friday ads. Moreover, they raised the bar by donating 100% of their sales to environmental awareness groups. 

Exceptional visuals

Overall, to create an amazing campaign that will catch the eye of prospective customers among the crowd of advertisements during Black Friday you must include great visuals. Brands that did not advertise discounts or had smaller deals, drove sales through strong images and videos with attractive slogans. Some examples include:

Nike — Outshine your excuses

The sportswear giant went for visuals with neon lights to go with their Black Friday slogan “Outshine Your Excuses”, while offering a discount. 

Tom Ford — Ocean Plastic

Tom Ford offered no special deals but took the opportunity to drive attention to their products manufactured using recycled ocean plastic and the Tom Ford Innovation Prize.

Tiffany & Co — Our Most Meaningful Gifts

Though Tiffany & Co did not advertise special deals, they highlighted how their symbolic designs are a meaningful gift, special beyond the holidays with warm close-up images of models wearing their products. The campaign continues to this day on their website!

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