Becoming a professional model is only the first step of many. To build a sustainable career it takes discipline, knowing your boundaries, and having the right people by your side.

Today, we talk with the fashion model Marion Pascale and ask her to share her experience when it comes to making it in the fashion industry.

Starting to model during her Graphic Design studies almost by accident, Marion is proud to be now a face of many European and American agencies. In this interview, we talk about her career path, how to become a professional in the field, important aspects to keep a healthy work-life balance, and more.

There is a lot of pressure on you so it’s super important to find people in the business or outside of it who support you.

Marion Pascale
Hi Marion, we’re glad to talk to you today! Could you shortly introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Marion Pascale. I am born and raised in Austria and live in Germany now for 5 years. 

How did modeling come into your life? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Modeling came into my life when I was halfway through my Graphic Design studies. During that time I worked as a waitress. I went with my boyfriend, who studied photography at the same university, to a party at a little agency in Stuttgart. I signed with them, did my first super small regional jobs with them, and started collecting pictures for my model book.

I met Jana, my all-time favorite booker, there and together we signed with all the agencies in Europe and a year ago also in NY.

What were the key steps you took to become a professional in the field?

I would say to become a professional you have to act like one. You have to be a team player on set. Be always on time, never oversleep for a call, and be friendly but still know your boundaries.

What also helped me a lot was finding a booker who believed in me, who is loyal and who plans my career for the long term.

Do you have a routine that helps you keep in shape for your job? Both physically and mentally?

I try to eat clean, a lot of veggies, good carbs like quinoa, rice, oat or lentils, and some proteins. Workouts are not regular, because my jobs are not regular either, so I try to squeeze in three times of sport a week. 

How do you master the art of posing?

I think I learned the most by looking at pictures very carefully. Both my own after a shoot to improve my posing and pictures in magazines to get inspiration.

What are your main pieces of advice for models who are starting to showcase themselves to agencies?

Make an effort to have good pictures you can apply with and search for a highly professional agency. You can find listings of good agencies on a page called

What advice would you give to your younger self if you knew what you know today?

That’s such a difficult question because there are so many different types of models out there and so many different ways you can make it in the industry.

But in general, it’s a tough business — especially when you start into it. So look after yourself and set your boundaries. There is a lot of pressure on you so it’s super important to find people in the business or outside of it who support you. Both your mental and physical health and not only your career.

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