The first month of the year has passed, and Cherrydeck welcomed another batch of creativity and fresh talent!

It was that time of the year to set our goals for the next months, take up an old hobby, commit to a new routine… or give that Cherrydeck sign-up a go.

At Cherrydeck, the year has started off with the right foot. The team reunited from the holidays, our quarterly and yearly goals have been set, and many skilled photographers and models continue to join our platform. We couldn’t be happier to introduce January ‘s fresh talents!

Welcome to Cherrydeck!

George Lucian Sipica - Photographer in Bucharest, Romania – January Fresh talent
George Lucian Sipic? | Bucharest, Romania
Sabine Zoltnere – Photogrrapher in Berlin Germany – January Fresh talent
Sabine Zoltnere | Berlin, Germany
Shann Daniels – Photographer in Johannesburg, South Africa – January Fresh talent
Shann Daniels | Johannesburg, South Africa
Andreea Mitran – Phtoographer in Bucharest, Romania – January Fresh talent
Andreea Mitran | Bucharest, Romania
Ingrid Aleixo – Model in Gothenburg, Sweden – January Fresh talent
Ingrid Aleixo | Gothenburg, Sweden
Aneta Ivanova – Photographer in Varna, Bulgaria – January Fresh talent
Aneta Ivanova | Varna, Bulgaria
Leon Chiappa  – Photographer in Hamburg, Germany – January Fresh talent
Leon Chiappa | Hamburg, Germany
Laila Bierling – Photographer in Munich, Germany
Laila Bierling | Munich, Germany
Danil Gherbali – Photographer in Chisinau, Moldova
Danil Gherbali | Chisinau, Moldova
Nataliya Druchkova - Photographer in Ukraine
Nataliya Druchkova | Dnipro, Ukraine

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