Cherrydeck has won the 2020 German Design Award! Together with Studio Arndt Benedikt, we have been honoured in the categories “Excellent Communications Design” and “Corporate Identity”.

The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious in the Design landscape and recognises individuals behind some of the most futuristic products and projects, pioneers in Germany and internationally.

This year, we had the privilege to be recognised by our brand’s corporate design and communication — which we drastically changed almost one year ago.

Philipp Baumgaertel from Cherrydeck and Falko Ohlmer from Arndt Benedikt

When we started Cherrydeck the focus was on the functionality of the website and it was mainly geared towards practicality. The platform should be easy to understand and provide a quick overview of photographers who present themselves on Instagram. However, as Cherrydeck grew, the need for a redesign became more and more imperative.

Together with Arndt Benedikt we wanted to showcase our strong brand personality and highlight our new, yet bold presence in the market. With the logo and color pallet, we aimed at a high level of brand identification and a clear connection with an extremely stylish and visual industry — the creative industry.

According to The German Design Award jury, that’s what distinguished us from the crowd:

The name and logo form an inseparable unit with a strong presence, which together with the striking colors — black, red and white — ensure a high level of brand recognition.

Cherrydeck by Arndt Benedikt
Cherrydeck by Arndt Benedikt

At a time where almost everyone can compose a website without even knowing how to code, it was extremely important for us — especially as a young company — to invest in Design and collaborate with experts in creating a unique style and stand out from the crowd.

While our now thicker logo transmits an elegant boldness and becomes the centre of attention, the choice of colors acts on the usability side, where the increase of white and introduction of red accents help improving the website’s interface and the user experience.

Cherrydeck old (left) and new homepage (right)
Cherrydeck old (left) and new profile design (right)

Design-led brands are proven to outperform its competitors and although starting a brand’s redesign can be a tough decision to make, we are glad we have taken a step in this direction.

We would like to thank The German Design Award committee for the recognition and Arndt Benedikt once again, for such an outstanding work. For more information on the award, visit The German Design Award website or our interview for Hamburg Startups.

To read more about how to build a strong brand, check out our conversation with Falko Ohlmer himself. ?

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