Cherrydeck and Die Hamburger Goldkehlchen collaborated to find a photographer to document their Traditional Summer Concert last year. Today, we talk with the choir founder and leader, Flemming Pinck.

Get to know Flemming Pinck, the founder and leader of Die Hamburger Goldkehlchen, a men choir composed by 70 men that can’t actually sing. The group is already a Germany-wide sensation and has made appearances on several TV shows and public events. The name Goldkehlchen was inspired on the same-name bird known for its singing abilities — in opposite to the members of the choir.

The DHG started singing together in 2016 and have since then gone up on the fame ladder, filling halls and parks with people to watch their concerts and constantly receiving new requests of aspiring singers who would like to join.

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But the DHG are known not only for their lack of singing abilities, their creative on-stage choreographies and highly entertaining performances are also some of their biggest trademarks. Last summer, 5 000 people filled the Stadtpark, in Hamburg, to assist the already famous Traditional Summer Concert — where the choir also gathered €30 000 for The Hamburger Tafel.

In fact, charity is a very important part of the group’s initiatives and the Goldkehlchen commit to regularly donate to different causes whenever they can. To fulfil that mission, they’ve found crucial to keep the audience engaged, excited about their next move, and entertained — and that’s where their great content comes in.

On top of that, great content allows the choir to score new partner- and sponsorships. Their creativity and outstanding imagery works both as a business starter and as a business keeper, where the goal is to show partners a good return on investment.

Without good content we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

Flemming Pinck

Always keeping in mind that having fun is the most important goal, being creative and having built a good brand and content strategy around everything they do, was what really pushed the reach of the choir and lead them to where they are today.

To document their last summer concert, Die Hamburger Goldkehlchen searched on Cherrydeck for an event photographer in Hamburg excited to go on stage and do the job. You can hear more about the collaboration here.

To know more about Die Hamburger Goldkehlchen, visit their website or their Instagram profile. For more information about the Cherrydeck brand offers, have a look at this page or at some of our published success stories. ?

Video credits: Moritz Bauer.

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