Our Pricing Explained

Project Fee: For any new project initiated on Cherrydeck (= every time you send new products), there is a one-time “Production Fee” of €375, €1675 or €3175, depending on the Branded Stock™ plan you have chosen. It is used to find the right people to work with you and covers your brief processing, content library setup, online licenses, and a dedicated account manager.

Price per Photo / Video: For every photo or video you want to buy from your content library there is a standard price based on the plan you’ve selected. You can find the most recent price list here. Our plans are optimized to give you the best value for the amount of assets you’d like to buy.


How can I pay in Fee Rates?

Paying in fee rates is optional for Startups. If your organization makes less than € 1 million in annual revenue, you can choose to pay your invoice in 3, 6, or 12 monthly installments. This way you will be able to profit from our best prices without having too much pressure on your liquidity!


What Licenses are included when I purchase an image?

The Online License is included in the price per asset. However, if you would like to have full control over the assets, or use them for offline purposes, take a look below to see what is included in the Offline License.


*All stated prices are net and exclude VAT.