The amount of products you should send depends on the Branded Stock™ plan you select and the number of photographers you require for your project.  By default, you are able to shoot a definite amount of products with a certain number of photographers per plan: 

• The Product-Only Shoot: 1 product shot – 1 photographer/videographer
• The Product & Lifestyle Shoot: 4 products shot – 2 photographers/videographers
• The Campaign Shoot: 9 products shot – 3 photographers/videographers

Typically, a Product-only shoot will require you to send out your product to 1 designated photographer, while a Product & Lifestyle Shoot will require you to send out 4 products to each of the 2 photographers you will be working with. However, this changes when you decide to add either more products to be shot or more creatives to whichever plan.

Consequently, if you decide to add more photographers to your project regardless of your chosen plan, you will need to send out your products to them as well. Same case when adding more products to be shot.