From beauty to still life photography, Cherrydeck is flooded with amazing fresh talent. Today, we showcase our unique new comers.

Countless creatives have joined our community this month. Today, we would like to celebrate the fresh talent recently arrived to Cherrydeck by presenting a piece of their work! Take a look.

fresh talent on Cherrydeck portrait on yellow background
Nadia Bove | Madrid, Spain
fresh talent blue kitchen photography
Luca Girardini | Berlin, Germany
fresh talent comb composition minimal photography
Michael Amofah | Minneapolis, MN, USA
fresh talent portrait of girl with butterflies
Matteo Valle | Milan, Italy
fresh talent food composition photography
Stepan Babanin | Warszawa, Poland
male portrait model
Mia Gianini | Lugano, Switzerland
fresh talent beach picture, oranges, swimsuit
Thalia Gomez | Buenos Aires, Argentina
creative photography model with hands on a beach
Arthur Cadre | Paris, France
fresh talent still life photography iphone
Sam Liebeskind | New York City, NY, USA
yellow ferrari photography car
Gosselin Simon | Valence, France
architecture photography of blue building
Victor Garcia | Zürich, Switzerland

Curious about the previous issue of Fresh Talent on Cherrydeck? Take a visit to the blog post, here. Want to become part of our community? Signup today and get the chance to be featured as our fresh talent next month!

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