You can now add video content to your profile directly from your Vimeo and Youtube accounts!

Videographers, we hear you — and we are currently working on making Cherrydeck more video-friendly!

The most recent updates on Cherrydeck allow you to add videos to your profile direclty from your existent Vimeo or Youtube accounts. To get started, you can simply sync one of your accounts and start uploading your unique video content.

How does it work?

When you are logged in on you Cherrydeck profile, simply select the “Add +” button above your content. Once redirected to your media library, quickly connect your Vimeo and Youtube accounts to directly select the videos you want to include on Cherrydeck.

Are you looking for a platform where you can present your creative content? Sign up to Cherrydeck. Log in to your Cherrydeck profile, and start uploading your videos today! ?

Posted by:Cherrydeck Editorial

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