In this impactful campaign, Yvonne Thoene photographs 6 different models to call attention to the undiversified fashion world shown in magazines, ads, and campaigns. Read on to find out what it is all about.

The fashion industry has long been subjected to criticism for its lack of diversity represented in the media. Indeed, the models seen abundantly are usually slim, white, able-bodied, cis women only.

This stereotypical standard of beauty corresponds to only a small percentage of consumers. Yet, it has been reinforced in ads, runway shows, printed media, billboards, storefronts, etc. for years. This leads not only to a lack of inclusivity in clothing sizing, but also underrepresentation, and discrimination in the overall fashion scene.

Certainly, our society looks much more diverse than the standard. Therefore, to take matters in her own hands, Yvonne established her campaign “SHOW ME!” to advocate for more diversity in the fashion industry.

Yvonne Thoene Promotes Diversity in Fashion with "SHOW ME!"


Yvonne has already worked with disabled models, transgender models, etc. in the past, througout her experience as a professional photographer. However, with this impactful campaign, she was able to turn her love for diversity in photography into activism.

Show me: because every woman needs a hero – because beauty has many faces – because fashion should be as diverse and colourful as our society is.

Yvonne Thoene – Photographer

As seen in these stunning portraits, Yvonne brought together 6 different models: a woman of color, a ‘curvy’ model, a ‘plus size’ model, a transgender woman, a woman with down syndrome, and a woman in a wheelchair.

Without a doubt, these models are underrepresented in the industry of today. Particularly, Yvonne makes reference to the area where she lives, DACH, where this is also an issue. Hence, she touches upon the lack of action from fashion brands to include models beyond the stereotypical standard of beauty.

“SHOW ME!” features trendy fashion pieces and portrays authentic diversity while keeping the sophisticated editorial look. Between playful and posed shots, Yvonne uses her unique eye to depict each woman and their own individual energies and identities. Consequently, resulting in a heartfelt project for both the photographer and models.

We are currently in an exciting phase, in a social shift towards more openness and diversity – which in German-speaking countries always seems to be lagging behind.

Yvonne Thoene – Photographer

About Yvonne

Yvonne Thoene is a female photographer from Kassel, Germany. She specializes in fashion, editorial, commercial and pin-up photography. Yvonne often shoots with curvy and plus size models to show the variety of body shapes. She also loves to give her work a touch of vintage.

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