Are you a London-based brand and you need to create still life photos and editorials for your website, social media or a magazine? Check out these professional still life photographers in London you can work with.

Working with top still life photographers is decisive to high-quality results.

Still life photography is an ever-lasting genre in the medium. It depicts inanimate objects as the subject matter of an artistic composition. A still life photographer will typically be skilled in set design, lighting and styling and will help you portray your products beautifully.

Cherrydeck has an extensive database of professional still life photographers in London. Here, we’ve gathered a collection of 12 of our most outstanding members. Check them out!

Susana Silva

Susana is a London-based professional photographer that specializes in still life and product photography.

David Wilman

David is a professional London-based freelance photographer bringing a careful eye for detail and composition to still life, food and interiors. He has been working commercially since 2007, and moved to the creative side of advertising photography in 2012.

Charlie Goodge

Charlie specializes in still life and interior photography. With a degree in commercial photography and five years experience in the industry, she has a keen understanding of light and what it takes to produce beautiful and compelling photography.

Rae Finn

Rae specializes in food, drink and lifestyle photography. With nearly 10 years professional experience working across many studios in e-commerce, she is now working under her own belt, photographing for clients from a studio in Kent and around London.

Patrick Larder

Patrick is a London-based still life photographer with 10 years professional experience specialising in fashion and beauty still life. His style is vibrant, clean and eye catching.

Sam Liebeskind

Sam is a commercial photographer and creative producer based between London and New York. She photographs lifestyle, product, still life and fashion. Her work has been featured in different publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Refinery 29, and more.

George Kroustallis

George is a an award-winning Photographer & Filmmaker based in London whose work traverses form, light, and materiality via concepts of architecture, fashion, still-life and beauty. His clients include Burberry, Lancome, Polestar, Refinery29 and Yatzer.

Tais Sirote

Tais is a Food & Still Life , Conceptual & Advertising Photographer currently based in London, UK.

Jenni Helin

Jenni is an award-winning London-based food and beverage photographer and director. Her work has been featured in The Sunday Times, British Vogue, EasyJet Traveller, and many more.

Nick Dunne

Nick Dunne is a professional still life photographer currently based in London, UK.

Plousia Rompogiannaki

Plousia is a fashion photographer and art director based in London – but born and raised in Crete, Greece. Her work spans still life, conceptual and beauty photography.

Catrine Haland

Catrine is a professional still life and beauty photographer whose feminine and colorful works has attracted a wide range of clients. Her Norwegian roots inspired a style that is grounded in nature with organic compositions and materials.

Find the best still life photographers in London with Cherrydeck

Now that you’ve got to know some of our favorite still life photographers in London, we invite you to explore our full database of commercial and product photographers in this location.

To find a still life photographer in London:

Step 1: Select the ‘Search’ button on the top left of the home page of Cherrydeck

Step 2: Enter ‘London’ in the location field

Step 3: Choose ‘London, UK’ from the dropdown selection that appears

Step 4: Select ‘Food & Still Life’ as your category option

Step 5: Further customize your search, including:

  • number of followers
  • experience level
  • access to a studio
  • post-production services
  • videography services

Step 6: Once you are done setting your filters, hit the ‘Show Results’ button.

Still Life Photographers in London - Cherrydeck Photographer Search

Afterward, you’ll be presented with a set of matching commercial product photographer profiles from our database, along with their portfolios.

To gather more information about a certain professional, you can simply click on their ‘Profile’ button.

The action will open their full profile where you can view more of their commercial work and contact them through our platform.

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