Client: Vorwerk Temial

Outcome: Custom stock library with 211 images

Duration: 43 days

Cherrydeck Branded Stock Vorwerk Temial Tee Machine

The assignment

Vorwerk is an innovative house electronics company. To market their smart tee machine Temial — a new product adding up to the brand’s extensive portfolio — they needed images to include in communication campaigns and further marketing initiatives.

Looking to depict the tee machine in different home environments and family setups, the content production would easily require extensive planning and logistics.

However, when presented with the option of Cherrydeck Branded Stock that would enable Vorwerk to waive the arrangement of a whole production and the sourcing of talent, the brand decided to source content this way.

The process

To start, Vorwerk Temial submitted their brand guidelines and photo requirements. Next, the Cherrydeck team started sourcing the right creatives for the job.

Among the pool of applicants, three photographers were selected. Consequently, Vorwerk shipped their Temial Set — consisting of their tea machine and a serving set — so that the selected creators could fulfill the assignment remotely.

A couple of weeks later, the brand received a custom stock library with over 200 images featuring their products in use by different models in a variety of settings.

The results

According to the brand’s requirements, Vorwerk’s content library was filled with images portraying “stories of real-life, full of joy, closeness, activity, pleasure, and well-being.”

Ultimately, the brand simply needed to choose and purchase its favorite media assets. Afterward, both selected and non-selected images remained stored in the brand’s private content marketplace and accessible for further purchases.

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Pictures by Emanuele Vignoli, Giulia Maretti, Jürgen Schell.

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