Through the project, Tatiana questions why certain customs did not travel with time and became bizarre in today’s world instead.

Tatiana Saavedra is a photographer and artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. With a bachelor’s degree in Cinema, she was also the winner of the European competition Cinema and Industry Alliance for Knowledge. Tatiana’s films were showcased in several national and international festivals, as well as magazines.

“Immutable Travelers” is a series that questions why certain customs did not travel with time, while so many other aspects did.

According to Tatiana, in the desert of ancient Persia, it was usual to see men wearing high heels. It gave them more support in their struts as they rode. The artifact was also used by butchers of the Egyptian empire to walk over the blood of animals.

The sands that time moves seem immutable travelers.
The customs, not so much.

Tatiana Saavedra

Nowadays seeing a man wearing high-heeled shoes may seem jarring from the way people choose to look. Especially if one tries to fit it into the concept of masculinity society has built over time.

As a photographer, Tatiana tried to explore this aspect and the perceived regress made by the modern world.

Confident with each steady step he takes, a few centimeters above the ground, Sérgio (Batuque) stomp on a ground as unstable as the prejudices of time and space and continues to pursue his freedom to be who he wants to be.

Tatiana Saavedra

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Tatiana Saavedra is a photographer and artist whose work was featured in an assortment of national and international magazines.

In 2019, she was the recipient of Sophia Awards’ first prize, thanks to the photograph that featured on the film poster for Ouro Sobre Azul. Tatiana’s first exhibition will be at the ImageNation gallery, in Paris, in November 2021.

To see more of her work, visit Tatiana’s Cherrydeck profile or her website here. In the past, we’ve written about her series “Blue,” see it here.

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