Today we are announcing some changes and updates to Cherrydeck and the way we work with clients and creatives. After making some careful considerations about our offer and the way we collaborate, we decided it’s time to adopt a small success fee to transactions. We explain everything below.

What is Cherrydeck for creatives so far?

Simple. A simple annual or quarterly membership that gives you access to a set of features. One of our main goals was to always offer something valuable for under €100 per year. This is not going to change.

In fact, we are currently able to offer you a plan that goes below €60 per year and a smaller version of Cherrydeck that is completely free.

With Cherrydeck we want to enable you to (self-sufficiently) win new clients through technology. Tools like Cherrylink bring real value to your landing pages and social profiles for a fraction of the price that competitors are charging. Brand Radar de-anonymizes interests and brings you fresh leads (meaning business opportunities) every week. We show you which companies are interested in content and which companies have a specific job they want to get done.

Right now we can see that hundreds of companies are using Cherrydeck every month — and we are working hard to turn it into thousands soon.

Last year alone, we’ve processed over 9.000 business opportunities for Cherrydeck users. Bringing this kind of traffic to your personal website will cost you a small fortune. Currently, we are spending high 5-digit figures every month so we can understand which kind of companies are looking for creatives. But for less than €100 a year, hundreds of opportunities are presented to you. That’s less than €1 for every opportunity presented to you.

While we are happy to deliver such value to our members, we want to place more focus on one specific aspect.

How is Cherrydeck going to change?

One of the major changes we are making now is to add a small commission fee to successful transactions. This means we are getting a small reward if we were able to connect the right member with the right client — basically, we talk about a success fee.

If Cherrydeck was able to make a successful connection, the success fee will give us the ability to charge for the value we bring, but also more room to bring more of that value. For you, this will only reflect a fair fraction of the revenue you make with Cherrydeck and it will only be charged if you actually get paid.

This way we will be able to refinance our traffic spend and bring even more companies to our platform. It’s simple — the more our revenue is based on job budgets, the higher the budgets will be over time since we will optimize our operations for them. This will benefit everyone in the community.

In the future, we hope to be able to get more touchpoints between creatives and businesses and more options for you to sell yourself.

Keep an eye open for new features coming this year!

Thank you for reading and see you on Cherrydeck.


Read more about the changes on our updated Terms and Conditions page. ?

Posted by:Cherrydeck Editorial

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