The shortlisted photographers are chosen and it was already last week that we have kick-started our competition in Cologne!

Last Monday, the Cherrydeck Team traveled to the first German city of the Cherrydeck x Polestar Journey to launch the roadtrip and greet the selected creators.

The encounter took place at the Polestar headquarters, situated in Volvo’s building. The photographers — Marco, Phil, and Anton — arrived at midday and were then taken to a meeting with Marlene, from Polestar Marketing, to sign the necessary contracts and a small Q&A session.

After the bureaucracy, each photographer was assigned a Polestar 2 and was ready to go.

Here are some impressions of the first week of the Journey:

Once the week was over, Marco, Phil, and Anton, delivered their Polestar 2 in Frankfurt and it’s now Tim, Yvonne, and Faruk who are taking over.

The Cherrydeck Team visited the Polestar space in Frankfurt and got meet this next group of talented creators.

Stay tuned to the Cherrydeck x Polestar page to receive upcoming updates. Or get all of the news live, on our Instagram account, here.

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