Over the past months, 21 Cherrydeck photographers got the chance to drive the Polestar 2 in an exclusive road trip spanned over seven German cities.

Today, we announce the seven winners and the results from their progressive driving journey.

From Cologne to Düsseldorf, the Polestar 2 was on the go in a journey that spanned over seven German cities. On the steering wheel: talented photographers experiencing the car design and progressiveness. On their background: a constant interchange between Munich’s nature, Berlin’s architecture blend, Frankfurt’s roads, or Germany’s North Coast.

Together with Polestar, we’ve selected 21 photographers to take the Polestar 2 on a country-wide journey while sharing their impressions of the car and their cities. Each photographer could experience the electro-vehicle for a week and enjoy its uncompromising technology and unbeatable performance.

The experience aimed to bring together the vision and creativity from photographers with the minimalistic character of the Polestar brand. Today, we are excited to share with you the works from the seven winners, reflecting their experience with the Polestar 2.

George Kroustallis, Berlin

George is an award-winning creative director and photographer based in London and Berlin. His work traverses form, light, materiality and femininity via concepts of architecture, fashion, still-life and beauty. George focuses on contemporary aesthetics and aims to create work where cutting edge visuals meet strategy and authentic storytelling.

Anton Baranenko, Cologne

Anton is an 22-years-old freelance photographer based in Dresden and Cologne, primarily specialised in landscape, event and commercial photography. His passion for photography started in his youth and grew continuously since then. Anton is passionate about combining light, nature, and his personal touch in the composition of an image.

Christopher Ayumu Nakahara, Düsseldorf

Christopher is a freelance photographer, videographer, and Master’s graduate based in Düsseldorf. During his architectural studies he acquired skills in visual expression and translated them to his long time passion for capturing still images and video. His understanding of composition, placement, and scale was further developed through various trips in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Tim Hasl, Frankfurt

Tim Hasl is a food, still life, lifestyle, and people photographer based in Germany. As a car enthusiast, he was excited to be part of the journey and have the chance to drive the Polestar 2 while combining both his passions.

Leo Rohrsetzer, Hamburg

Leo is a professional fashion photographer from Germany working around the globe for international clients. Always searching for new ways to express emotions through his photos, he never says no to fresh ideas.

Andy Fox, Munich

Andy is a professional sports, lifestyle, and water photographer who focuses on storytelling, and high profile photo spreads for editorials and advertorials. Starting off with pure action photography Andy made a transition to staged, artistic, high-end portrait and lifestyle photography.

Noah Benjamin, Stuttgart

Noah Benjamin is a people, lifestyle, and cars photographer currently based in Stuttgart, Germany. Passionate about the automotive industry, the Polestar journey was the perfect opportunity for him.

Up next: Join this content and driving experience

Drive your way to a secret exhibition

Now that the competition has come to an end, we invite you to join us on this content and driving experience. From the 3rd to the 7th of November you can view the 21 best works of the journey in an exclusive and secret exhibition in Hamburg.

The location is only to be revealed on the day of the event. Your VIP companion? The Polestar 2.

To take part simply book your spot on the Polestar website, here. Keep in mind the event is exclusive and the number of slots is limited.

You can recap the complete Cherrydeck x Polestar Journey on our blog, here. To see more results, visit the Polestar website.

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In case you’re a brand and want to take a similar approach to Polestar, talk to us! We are happy to discuss ideas.

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