After a long wait, the results are finally out! The list of final candidates for the Cherrydeck x Polestar Journey is live!

We were delighted to see so many great submissions from photographers in Germany and around the world interested in capturing the Polestar 2. It was not easy to choose among such a great pool of talent and work quality, so there was definitely some time needed for deliberation.

But today, we are glad to share with you the list of 21 photographers shortlisted for the Cherrydeck x Polestar Journey. 21 of you will now be able to exclusively experience the Polestar 2 for a full week!

In addition, we would like to thank everyone else who submitted work and participated. It was incredibly inspiring to see all your portfolios. Cheers from the Cherrydeck and Polestar team!

Have a look at the final list below (not ranked in any particular order):

Berlin Candidates

Reilin Joey

Reilin Joey is a young and passionate photographer and filmmaker based in Berlin and Amsterdam. He likes to tell stories by creating powerful and clean imagery that blends aesthetic with function. Growing up in Berlin, he grew interest in photographing high end cars and since then, has shot for brands like Ferrari, Range Rover, and The Dutch National Ballet.

Alina Rudya

Alina is a professional photographer, videographer, and creative director based in Berlin. She offers commercial photography and creative direction services to companies in the field of tech, tourism, and automotive. Her unique perspective as a visual storyteller landed her clients like Nikon, Samsung, and Mercedes-Benz among others. Alina’s photography style is defined by bold colors and natural light play, which she incorporates into her personal work as well as commercial shoots.

George Kroustallis

George is an award-winning creative director and photographer based in London and Berlin, whose work traverses form, light, materiality and femininity via concepts of architecture, fashion, still-life and beauty.

George works with businesses and publications to create impactful high-end content that frames their narratives, celebrates their work and drives their businesses forward. Focusing on contemporary aesthetics, he aims to create work where cutting edge visuals meet strategy and authentic story-telling. Some of his previous clients include Lancome, Burberry, Reebok, Refinery29 and Yatzer.

Cologne Candidates

Anton Baranenko

Anton is an 22-years-old freelance photographer based in Dresden and Cologne, primarily specialised in landscape, event and commercial photography. His passion for photography started in his youth and has grown continuously till today. To Anton, capturing outstanding moments and saving them forever is the most fascinating thing about photography.

Anton is passionate about combining great light conditions, overwhelming nature, and his personal touch of editing and composing.

Marco Klahold

Marco is a German photographer based in Cologne, who loves to travel the world in order to expand his mind and sense of aesthetic. Through his work, he aims to show the viewer the emotional Zeitgeist and the ever growing desire of today’s digital youth for individual freedom.

Philip Achenbach

Philip is a self-taught photographer and editor from Cologne, Germany. His two favourite things to photograph are people, urban landscapes, and architecture. He fell in love with photography two years ago. Since then, not a single day passed in which he did not try to improve his skills. Being young, ambitious, and knowing every corner of his hometown, Cologne, Philip sees the competition as a great chance to build up a strong portfolio.

Düsseldorf Candidates

Nikolaus Brinkmann

Nikolaus is German photographer passionate about capturing people, lifestyle, and landscapes. Also known as Patheight on Instagram and Youtube, Nikolaus has a strong online community who loves to follow his steps.

Christopher Ayumu Nakahara

Christopher is a freelance photographer, videographer, and Master’s graduate based in Düsseldorf. During his architectural studies at RWTH Aachen University and Tokyo Institute of Technology he acquired skills in visual expression and translated them to his long time passion for capturing still images and video.

His understanding of composition, placement in space, and scale was further developed through various adventures in Asia, Africa and Europe. Christopher’s works have been published by the Tokyo Bureau of Citizens and Cultural Affairs and Alo Japan.

Viviana Galletta

Viviana Galletta is a young international fashion, beauty, and portrait photographer, based in Germany. With a passion for creativity, and especially for photography, ever since she remembers, Viviana decided to get self-employed in 2016. Since then she has become a brand ambassador for Panasonic Lumix, and worked for well-known clients all over the world.

Frankfurt Candidates

Faruk Pinjo

Faruk is an architectural photographer based in Vienna and Frankfurt. Driving an electric vehicle himself, he is looking forward to the Polestar experience and getting his creativity working for the challenge.

Tim Hasl

Tim Hasl is a food, still life, lifestyle, and people photographer based in Germany. As a car enthusiast, he is excited to get his hands on the Polestar 2 and join a competition that combines both his passions.

Yvonne Wiegand

Yvonne is a minimalistic photographer whose work shows high precision and detail. A well prepared concept is the base to her work. Capturing aesthetics in an emotional way is her true passion. Excited to be part of this journey, Yvonne is looking forward to create an outstanding aesthetic series with the Polestar 2.

Hamburg Candidates

Tom Tägtmeier

Tom is a freelance photographer and content creator from Hamburg, Germany. Always eager to capture the uniqueness of every city he visits, he is looking forward to combine the urban landscape with the futuristic concept and idea behind Polestar.

Tom is passionate about the art of photography, architecture and design. In the last few years, he was able to photograph the most powerful structures in the world and always wanted to bring together magnificent buildings and powerful car photography.

Leo Rohrsetzer

Leo is a professional fashion photographer from Germany working around the globe for international clients. He loves working for and with creative minds and is always searching for new ways to express emotions through his photos. He never says no to fresh ideas.

Sabine Skiba

Sabine is a freelance lifestyle photographer specialised in sports and outdoors. She is always looking for extraordinary backgrounds, atmospheric surroundings, and the perfect light.

Munich Candidates

Carolin Unrath

Carolin is one of the shortlisted photographers based in Munich, Germany. She specialises in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, and sport, and loves to photograph outside, regardless of the weather conditions. Some of her clients include Merrell, Leica, BMW, and more.

Andy Fox

Andy is a professional sports, lifestyle, and water photographer who focuses on storytelling, and high profile photo spreads for editorials and advertorials for 15+ years.

Starting off with pure action, sports, and extreme sports photography Andy made a transition to staged, artistic, high-end portrait and lifestyle photography. In his 20’s he has been a professional race car driver and scored several podium finishes at 24hours and GT races.

Jasper Schwering

Jasper Schwering is an editorial, travel, and sports photographer currently based in Munich, Germany. Having considerable experience as an automotive photographer in Munich, he has been able to discover many suiting photography locations both in the city and the surrounding areas.

Stuttgart Candidates

Lina Kurz

Lina is a professional photographer based in Germany, who believes is never going to grow tired of looking at the world through her lens. She loves capturing not only the amazing beauty of it but also all the wonderful big and little moments within.

Niclas Wilk

Niclas is a freelance photographer and videographer based in Stuttgart, Germany. What was originally a hobby of his was quickly transformed into one of his greatest passions. Today, he specialises mainly in automotive photography, but also photographs architecture and products.

Noah Benjamin

Last but not least, Noah Benjamin is a people, lifestyle, and cars photographer currently based in Stuttgart, Germany. Passionate about the automotive industry, he sees this journey as the perfect opportunity for him.

These were all of the 21 shortlisted photographers for the Polestar x Cherrydeck Journey. As we move on to the next stage of the competition, we wish all the shortlisted candidates the very best!

If you would like to see more about the Polestar x Cherrydeck Journey, do it here. For more information about the previous competition and insights from previous winners, have a look at the Cherrydeck x Polestar page.

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