This week is already the last of the Cherrydeck x Polestar Journey. It went fast, but it couldn’t have been better!

In Berlin, we had the pleasure to meet Reilin, Alina, and George at the Polestar Space on a particularly hot day. While in Hamburg we got to know Tom and Sabine in a rather windy morning. Leo Rohrsetzer, also selected in Hamburg, picked up the car later on.

The procedure was, as usual, to arrive at midday and get the Polestar 2 delivered and contracts signed. After a quick Q&A session, the photographers could take the car and enjoy a full week of electric speed.

Here are some impressions of the last days:

Polestar 2 is now in Düsseldorf in the hands of Nikolaus, Christopher, and Viviana for the last ride before the end of the Journey.

Stay tuned to the Cherrydeck x Polestar page to receive upcoming updates. Or get all of the news live, on our Instagram account, here. See you in Cologne!

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