Recognizing exceptional talents on Cherrydeck— Winners of June 2018.

Here’s the list of the winners of Cherrydeck’s Editors’ Choice Award of June 2018.  The theme for this month is Faces“, the depth of human emotions and stories hidden behind those in front of a camera.  For this month’s selection process, we had help from Eugenio Marongiu, a beloved and successful people photographer from Milan. Among the large pool of diverse submissions, we finally chose the top 30 profiles and are very proud to present some of their works below.

For see more top profiles, please visit our Cherrydeck Editors’ Choice page where we are featuring the top 1% our of 20,000+ photographers worldwide.

June 2018 Editors’ Choice (not ranked in any order) : 

Bas Adriaans

Bas is a Dutch commercial and fine art photographer. He was offered opportunities to assist acclaimed Dutch photographers Jan Zwart, Bert Teunissen, Gerrit Schreurs and Johan Vigeveno. After he completed his formal training in 1997,  he enters the professional arena. Since then, his commercial portfolio continues to grow steadily with a diverse range of editorial, advertising, and corporate assignments.  He received several awards from the Photographers Association of the Netherlands and his work has been exhibited at Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam.

Anca Asmarandei

Anca is a Romanian born photographer but sautéed around the world,  As a self-taught photographer, her perception of the world and people are the inspiration for her style. Her works focus on emotions that expressed through conceptual ideas. These emotions whether sadness, disappointment, despair, or desolation, always have a second face of empowerment and healing. Negative emotions, inspire and consume Anca at the same time,  so she lets them out through her artwork.

Vikram Kushwah

Vikram is an Indian born fashion, portrait and art photographer based in England. Whether fashion, artistic or advertising, his pictures have a dream-like quality, in which the boundaries between fiction and reality are blurred.  His clients include Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar India.  His Duracell batteries campaign for Grey Worldwide, Singapore won the bronze for ‘Best Photography’ at the Cannes Young Lions Awards. His collector base spans across US, Britain, Europe, Asia, and Australia including both private and corporate buyers.

Bita Cuartas

Bita is a fashion photographer from Medellín,  Colombia. With more than 9 years of experience in photography and 5 years specialty in fashion photography, she has worked on projects in Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Cuba. She loves to photograph anything that makes her feel alive. They allow her to create stunning and creative photographies and continue to learn and experiment with new techniques. Her works have been published in magazines around the world. 

Sunny Strader

Sunny Strader is a documentary photographer based in Los Angeles and Danville, her 35,000-person hometown in central Illinois. Sunny’s work is inspired by her Midwestern upbringing and the West Coast culture of her adult home. She approaches her craft with journalistic flair, thanks to her time in the newspaper business. The primary theme in Sunny’s work is dreams — the ones we chase and the ones deferred. She’s been featured by Instagram, Tjejland, and Aint-Bad Magazine.

Maan Limburg

Maan is a portrait, fashion, and fine art photographer traveling on assignments between the Netherlands and Asia. Maan is known to create raw yet dreamlike imagery. She is inspired by nature, personalities and anything out of the ordinary. In her free time, she enjoys watching David Attenborough documentary’s, dancing, and eating french fries.

Nima Chaichi

Nima is a published and award-winning photographer. He studied and earned his master of architecture in Iran. After working as an architect for a long period of time, he turned his attention to photography and moved to the United States in 2013 to pursue his dream to become a photographer. He attended the school of visual arts in New York City and earned his master’s degree in fashion photography with full-scholarship. As an architect-photographer he has learned ways to combine his emotion with the following elements: light, form, ambiance, beauty, accessories– and all this while capturing. Through this process, he is able to create his own art.

Will Japs

Will is the photographer with the passion for minimalism, travel, and architecture. His work aims to express the essence of simplicity in images.  He began his career in 2007 after returning from traveling from Madagascar. He constantly improves his photography skills by utilizing different types of formats. His desire to explore the world took him to many places around the world. Over the past years, he has had the honor to witness the beauty and lifestyle of people in the places that have been seen only by few.

Mark Taylor

Mark is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Newcastle, UK. He has a passion for photographing people and places. He was a winner of the ‘Portrait of Britain’ 2017, one of 100 images chosen from over 8000 entries.

Karina Perepadya

Karina is a professional photographer who always looking for some strange beauty and unique faces. She likes DIY decors, natural lights, using color filters, collages, and experimental framing.

Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson

Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson are the driven forces behind KremerJohnson. The two photographers specialize in character-based portraits and narrative-driven scenes–sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, occasionally scripted, and often just REAL. They are known for capturing authentic moments in even the most manufactured of settings. Their clients include DirecTV, CBS, Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Hulu, Hormel, Bulletproof Coffee, Gnarly Head Wine, KONG, Braun, and many more. They have received many awards from well-known competitions such as Lens Culture and One Eyeland award.

Oleksandr Rupeta

Oleksandr is a Ukrainian photographer working worldwide. He carries out short and long-term projects about political, cultural, and social life in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. His works highlight many conflicts around the world such as the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, Afghan Red Crescent Society, the life of Iranian Jews community, Ethnic minorities in Azerbaijan, and many more. His photos appeared in The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Times, The Guardian, The Economist, Forbes, Newsweek, Bloomberg, National Geographic Traveler, and other leading names. Oleksandr Rupeta has collaborated with Associated Press, BBC, Lonely Planet, and National Geographic Ukraine.

Nicolas Burri

Nicolas is a photo- and videographer from Zurich, Switzerland.  He discovered his interest in photography in his early teenage years and has ever since got more and more into it.  His focus is on shooting people with a fashion, lifestyle, or simple portrait aspect. He loves especially to work with musicians since he is really inspired by their drive and energy for passion.

Rick McGinnis

Rick is a Toronto-based photographer. He has been doing portraiture for over thirty years but has recently begun seeking out his own subjects.

Wendy Sama

Wendy’s artworks are always connected to a form of introspection, mysteries of life, enlightenment. Through shadow and light, she invites the viewer to a certain type of intimacy. For Wendy, photography is a way to materialize the unspeakable—emotions that we cannot capture with words. Women have an important place in her artwork. She wants to portray them as a female version of Dante more than the “mother” or just “a beauty”.

Roberta Marroquin

Roberta is a photographer currently living in New York City. She has Bachelor degree of Arts in Communication Sciences by the Technological Institute of Monterrey, Mexico. In 2000, she went to Paris and began her formal training as an artist and photographer. Roberta has exhibited in prestigious places like the ICP of New York, the Arsenal of Venice, Mona Bismarck Foundation in Paris and MARCO Museum of Monterrey in Mexico. Roberta was a selected finalist for the 2016 FEMSA Biennial in Mexico among others.


Martin Gunchev

Martin is 29 years old amateur photographer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He loves taking female portraits. He felt there is so much beauty and it will be some kind of a loss not capturing it in his photographs. He’s now back in his hometown in Smilyan in Bulgaria where the Rhodeope mountains take his thoughts in many directions. For him, tranquility is the best catalyst for ideas.

Sara Sousa

Sara is an amateur photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal. She photographs mostly with 35mm film. She has always loved storytelling, and photography is one of her favorite mediums to tell stories, or, at least, to turn the way she sees the world into something tangible. She loves focusing on small details, nature, and, people.

Óskar Hallgrímsson

Óskar is an Icelandic documentary photographer and designer. He is currently based in Iceland, but sets on moving to Vietnam in a few months. Óskar has been working as a photographer for 14 years. He has also been involved in other creative fields as well as working as a producer, editor, cinematographer, and designer.

Panos Koffas

Panos is a 27-year-old photographer. He started taking photos about 2 years ago. Panos also enjoys the process of photo manipulation. He’s has been mastering Photoshop since the age of 15. Since last year, he began to focus on portraiture and fashion photography. Panos found taking photos of people inspiring—especially in bringing out the best or even the worst of those who are standing in front of his lens.

Victoria Nazarova

Victoria is a photographer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. When taking people photos, she wants her subjects to be natural looking. She also likes to add a slight cinematic effect which makes her photos look as if they are from frozen frames from a movie. She is one of “The Best of Russia” award winner in 2015 and 2016, and her work has been exhibited at Sony World Photography exhibition in 2015 in London.

Vlad Moldovean

Vlad is a young photographer based in Brasov, Romania. He learned photography, composition, and retouching mostly from the Internet by watching videos, participating in online communities, and reading articles. After experimenting for a while with different types of photography, he has found the style that he enjoys the most which is a mixture of fashion photography and digital composition. Vlad’s work has recently been recognized in The Best of Photographers 2017 by One Eyeland.

Tarik Labrighli

Tarik is a Moroccan photographer based in Tallinn Estonia. He shoots mostly people candidly in public places. Classic street photography has a major influence on his style, especially the work of William Klein and Garry Winogrand.

Felix Birkenseer

Felix is a 22 years old photographer from Germany. He focuses on people and lifestyle photography. He began taking photos four years ago—starting with his friends and family as the subjects, and it quickly became something much bigger. He is now working as a commercial photographer for agencies and fashion labels. Through his pictures, Felix tries to make people feel something rather than just stopping by their endless online feeds.

Agnes Bihari

Agnes is a journalist and photographer. She found image making the best way to express herself and be connected to the world. Her primary interest lies in the fallible nature of human being—the notion that nothing neither stable nor permanent and is subjected to constant change. She’s also attracted to urban environments with fading or decaying man-made objects because, to her, they bear the trail of passing time, changing fashion, and relativity of values.

Catherina Rocío

Catherina is a half-German, half-Chilean industrial design student living in Magdeburg, Germany. She started getting into digital and analog photography at the age of 15. She has always drawn to faces and playing with both natural and artificial lights. Although she’s currently studying Design, she has a strong passion for photography. Her photographs have been featured in various magazines in Europe.

Chaise McCollum

Chaise is a 21-year-old photographer from Missouri who aspires to chase her dreams far beyond this Midwest state. All of Chaise images are unedited and taken on 35mm film. Her work is driven by her love for capturing the relationship between life and beauty– turning intangible moments into tangible art. She always allows her aesthetic and love for art and life to guide her.

Jodie Cartman

Jodie is a photographer and designer based in Lewes, East Sussex. Whilst enjoying both digital and film photography the main content of her work focuses on photographs taken on an analog and 35mm and 120mm film cameras. The majority of this work is experimental and shows works, ideas, and concepts in progress.

Ana Melentijevi?

Ana is a photographer and cinematographer from Belgrade, Serbia.

Klaudia Burzynska

Klaudia is a polish architect, designer, and 100% self-made lifestyle photographer based in Lisbon. She likes giving her pictures a touch of “analog” feeling and creating images that don’t look perfect or polished. She also doesn’t retouch faces of her models as she wants to keep them real. It is her way of seeing.

Alexandra Aim

Alexandra started doing photography in 2009 when she bought her first mirror camera. She studied Film, but has always been interested in photography–capturing the moments, certain expressions, moods, and actions. She likes to experiment with styles, adding a surrealistic element into a documentary.

Dominika Staniszewska

Dominika’s adventure with photography began in her childhood when her dad gave her a small camera. She graduated in photography studies at the University of Warsaw. For a long time, she was fascinated by analog photography and worked with the wet collodion technique on glasses. She has returned to colorful digital photography, quit her job at a digital agency, and give her full focus on portraiture.

Nailya Bikmurzina

Nailya is a photographer with a passion for video making. She was originally from Russia but now living between Berlin, Paris, and Florence where she photographs people, raw emotions, motions, feeling of beauty, and tiny little moments of happiness. She likes taking photos of people, for people, and falling in love a bit with each character. Through her photographs, Nailya tries to show “life between the lines” and unique beauty of each personality.

Willie Runte

Willie is a London based photographer focused on portraiture and beauty with 15 years of experience. On his spare time, he shoots landscapes for his own amusement. Willie is always in search of a new project and is open for commissions.

Al Roberts

Al photographs everything and anything– interiors, street style, product, music, portraits, and so on. He had studied and admired the works of photographers such as Vivian Maier, Slim Aarons, Joel Meyerowitz. They all influence his photos in their own different way. Al has worked with a variety of brands such as Marriott Hotels, Chipotle, BBC, Adidas and Maserati.

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