Celebrating exquisite talents on Cherrydeck and the unnoticed life on the streets — December’s selection of top photographers is out now!

The last 2018 collection of some of our best talents is live and it highlights once again extraordinary pictures from all over the world.

This month, we asked photographers in our community to share with us their works surrounding the theme “Street Photography” — where unmediated encounters and random incidents are captured by the lenses of curious artists, turning public places into the perfect scenario for any shooting.

Below you can find the carefully selected 10 top profiles. Additionally, feel free to visit our Cherrydeck Editors’ Choice search section to see more of the top 1% profiles out of our blooming community. Happy scrolling!

December 2018 Editors’ Choice (not ranked in any particular order):
Daniela Muttini

Daniela is a Peruvian photographer living in Madrid. Although her focus is fashion and editorial, she is currently on a quest to create visual work that represents her, relishing in experiments with analog photography (while trying not to go crazy living in a city so far away from the ocean).

The pictures below belong to a street photography project Daniela did a couple of years ago, back in Peru. They showcase a different style compared to the rest of her work.

Dineke Versluis

Dineke is a Rotterdam based visual artist and photographer. She has been documenting outdoor situations and landscapes, often void of live human activity. With her symmetrical approach and attention to detail, Dineke aims to achieve an unbiased view by literally putting her subjects at a certain distance. In her images, she captures a part of the reality that would otherwise be lost to view and forever left unnoticed.

Patrick Marcoux

Based in Toronto, Patrick is a documentary and editorial photographer and writer who approaches portraiture from a particular perspective. Employing a consistent use of composition and simplicity, his images provide a quiet yet meaningful commentary on our place in this world.

Fabian Schmid

Fabian is a photographer from Bern, Switzerland, with a focus on editorial work in the fields of travel, food & drinks and interior. Ever since he started in photography, the places he visited and the people he encountered have been his primary source of inspiration. A couple of years ago, Fabian started working with analog photography and today a majority of his work is shot on film.

Julia Malinowska

Julia Malinowska is a Barcelona based and worldwide freelance photographer and visual anthropologist. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, with a Master in Cinema, TV Production and Photography and is now specialized in lifestyle, documentary, and wedding photography. Julia also studied in the Art and Design University in Romania, Polytechnic University of Valencia, and had a scholarship in Yogya- Karta, Indonesia.

Dom Smaz

Dom is a Swiss-Brazilian documentary photographer graduated from the Photography School of Vevey and working for the international press since 2011. Based in Lausanne and frequently traveling to Brazil, his work is often related to colonial heritage, racism, social differences, and exclusion. Dom was recently awarded third place at the Swiss Press Photo 2018 with “Et en Attendant?”, about homeless people in Lausanne.

Some of Dom’s clients are Sunday Times Magazine, Financial Times, Internazionale, Vice, and Leica Fotografie International.

Rob Edgerley

Rob is a photographer based in Bern, Switzerland. He is a project leader in ASIC design and besides photography and art, he is interested in web-design, tech-gadgets, audio equipment, and anything geeky. On the streets, Rob endeavors to capture images that demonstrate timing with perfection, portray mystery, and intrigue by revealing new elements the more you look at them.

Giuliano Del Gatto

Giuliano is a freelance photographer based in Rome. After a Master degree in Environmental Engineering, he decided to follow his dreams and become a professional photographer. Since then, his pictures have been published in Italian magazines, The New York Times, and the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, to name a few.

For Giuliano, street photography is the most challenging but also the most rewarding. Everything happens fast and one needs to fulfill the almost impossible task to be at the right distance or position at the right moment.

Neus Solà

Neus is a documentary photographer born and based in Barcelona. She graduated with a degree in Humanities, studied Fine Arts, and obtained an MA in Visual Anthropology.  Her work encompasses long-term photography projects focusing on the issues of identity, gender, and territory from an anthropological perspective.

Maria Joana Moser

Joana Moser is a young Lisbon based photographer. She states that although for many, street photography is usually in the city, featuring buildings and people, most likely in black and white, for her, it also comprises the beach – a big part of Lisbon’s city life and where she likes to spend her time all year long.

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