After going through the sea of applications, 7 proposals of ‘dream projects’ caught our attention. Help us decide which one we should sponsor by VOTING for your favorite project. See all of them in details below.

The Paid Dreams project is an idea of the Cherrydeck team to support our talented members. We know there are many cool ideas out there that never happened just because of the lack of funding. So, we thought it would be very interesting to cover this part of the process and help a selected artist turn their idea into reality.

After going through the submissions, a shortlist of seven projects caught our attention. Next, we would like to invite you, the audience, to help us decide who should get their dream sponsored by VOTING for your favorite project. You can find the details of all of the projects below along with proposed visual moods and short descriptions of the artists.

The winner will receive €1,000 from us and their project will be published on Cherrydeck. The voting will close on April 18th, 2019 before midnight CET.

Seven shortlisted projects (not ranked in any particular order):

1. Aks Huckleberry: music video of a car bursting with flowers

About the project: A music video with a number of still images in collaboration with a friend who is releasing a new album about human disconnection from nature and the craving for that connection. Among the ambitious ideas is filling a car with flowers and making them “bursting” out of it. The aim is to build visually striking images.

About Aks: Born in a tiny southern town of Russia, Aks Huckleberry is a young filmmaker and a portrait photographer, who spent her most formative years in London. The majority of her work is neither staged nor does it allude to the documentation; rather it is about capturing the mood, the atmosphere, the beauty of the place, and the memories of the people involved in it. Her images exhale tenderness and sensuality, and her characters always appear honest.

With over 10 years of experience in photography, Aks now more focuses on videography. She has produced travel diaries, young actors testing series, and some art and fashion short films, including editorial and music videos.

Here’s Aks’s proposed visual direction of the project.

2. Doris Fatur: portraying the concept of parallel universes in abandoned space

About the project: In this series, Doris wants to explore the concept of the parallel universe by creating dimensions within one space, providing the opportunity to discover new languages of seeing and believing. In order to see and to present an object in a different manner, Doris believes there is the need to create a new atmosphere, a new perspective and strive to new horizons.

To achieve this purpose, a raw or abandoned space will be used and decorated like a set, where color and texture will be added. Taking into account scenography will be the main approach. Everything will be set in the same color in contrast to the objects being photographed. A sculptural dress floating behind a chandelier or floating over a bed are some of the visual effects the final images might contain.

About Doris: Doris Fatur works mainly as a fashion stylist and photographer. In 2012, she won the Elle Style Award for the best young stylist, and since then she has been working for prominent Croatian and international fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Here’s Doris’s proposed visual direction of the project.

3. Ian Pettigrew: animal floating in pictures

About the project: His idea is to shoot animals floating, in similarity to the previous project executed by the photographer. However this time, Ian plans to focus especially on smaller farm animals.

About Ian: Ian’s experience as an Art Director makes all the difference in his work and he tends to see things with a designer’s eye first. In the last five years, he published two photobooks about adults with Cystic Fibrosis. Ian is now looking for a lighter and fun project, and, hence, the Floating Animals.

Here are some of his previous images and how the project could look like.

4. Daniel Lathwesen: short fashion movie

About the project: Daniel’s first short fashion movie. It started off with the photographer’s affair with a stone extraction site close to Berlin. Its mountains of white sand, the unique charm of the colored grid on industrial machines, and how the sunlight reflects on the site in the Spring, for Daniel, make this place a perfect location. His movie will involve styling from the American designer Thom Browne and some South African designers he discovered during his research.

Daniel envisions around 5 to 6 models wearing similar haircuts and colors to create an idea of clones. A drone will be used for nice cinematography.

About Daniel: Born in the late seventies in the Ruhr area, Daniel Lathwesen was influenced by the music, fashion, and television world of the 80s. He dipped into the house and electro club scene of the 90s in Dusseldorf, Cologne, and Ibiza, and surfaced in 2005 in Berlin. The photographer won a scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts in the field of Media & Photography and today works as Art Director for a pan-European photography and video production agency.

Here are some of the images showing Daniel’s style direction.

5. Antonio Barros: timeless nude images

About the project: Artistic nude photography— a kind of photo session the photographer never did so far. The plan is simple: he would get two models and execute a classy nude photoshoot, following an Annie Leibovitz or Peter Lindbergh stylistic approach. An interview with the models before and after the photoshoot is also planned.

About Antonio: During the past 13 years, Antonio worked as a contributing photographer for news agencies and magazines. His biggest dream is to photograph a campaign for a swimwear brand in the Maldives. For him, photography is not only a job, but a great opportunity to travel, make new friends, and learn the most random things.

Here are some of Antonio’s previous work.

6. Maria Borissova: irony series ‘Instagram vs average men’

About the project: A series of photographs focusing on the “Instagram Lifestyle” wave. The idea would be to sarcastically replicate stereotypical behaviors of women on Instagram and compare with those of “average” men. Taking mirror selfies, eating breakfast with a magazine in bed, or drinking rose with girlfriends are some of the examples of the hallmarked shots that many Instagram audience aspire to imitate. The series would like to focus on the absurdity of this idea and hope to raise the public’s perception of gender stereotyping.

About Maria: Maria is a self-taught young photographer who focuses mainly on portraiture. She is inspired by art and film and wishes to explore how gender norms are accepted by society, namely, the meaning of the ‘traditional masculinity and femininity’ and their interpretations.

Below are Maria’s previous work and the look&feel of the project.

7. Ness Rubey: human, insects, and the importance of small things

About the project: A series that brings people and insects together with the aim of drawing attention to the small things. The main focus would be colorful beetles and their beauty.

About Ness: Born in a small town in upper Austria, Ness is a photographer that was raised with Greek and Austrian roots. She got her first camera at the age of 12 and since then she always carried a camera with her. She loves to work with polaroids and also all vintage things like foldable bicycles. She sees photography as her shelter, path, and voice. According to Ness, photography is her “favorite color to paint walls with”.

Here are some of Ness’s images.

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