The competition in the e-commerce clothing market is intense. With hundreds of websites competing with you on product range and price, great clothing product photography is one way you can get an edge.

An eye for accuracy

Selling clothing products online deprives customers of being able to feel the textures or a clothing item or check the fit.

This places additional emphasis on product images as they are all that your customers have to  get a sense of textures, colors and the cut of clothing. 

Because of this, poor images can discourage buyers from making a purchase or result in returns and refunds of unwanted items.

A professional clothing photographer can help you boost sales and improve customer satisfaction by capturing your clothing in crisp detail, bringing textures and colors to life.

Consistency in presentation 

You don’t want your e-commerce website to look like a jumbled closet.

Instead, you want to communicate the strength of your brand by keeping a consistent look & feel across your whole product range.

This requires a methodical approach to product photography, using consistent camera angles, depth of field and lighting.

A professional photographer has the experience and technique to create a coherent, consistent product catalogue that conveys professionalism and quality.

Don’t forget it’s about lifestyle

Your customers can’t try on clothing in a fitting room and look at their reflections. Therefore, having models wearing your clothing items becomes a critical part of the online clothing buying experience.

A professional clothing product photographer will not only be able to help you connect with and get the most out of models, but also capture your clothing in the most flattering light.

Get a professional

Cherrydeck can help you find the right creative for clothing product photography for your e-commerce store. You can filter and browse our photographer profiles for free and contact professionals whose work interests you.

You can even submit a brief to our community and have top photographers pitch to work on your project.

If you only require your product catalogue photographed, then Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ will be perfect for your needs. The process is simple:

Send us your products, then give our professional clothing photographers 3 weeks to photograph and catalogue your product images, and lastly, only pay for the images you use!

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We have got you covered with an article on all you need to know about product photography for eCommerce.

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