2021 was a year of amazing projects at Cherrydeck. Through Cherrydeck Branded Stock we were able to work with outstanding consumer brands with great products. 

This new service offers companies the possibility to buy stock photos that are tailor-made. It takes out the burden of spending time finding creative talent and arranging the logistics of a content production (learn more here if you haven’t heard about it).

Today, we guide you through some of the projects we’ve had the pleasure to work on last year!


Blackroll offers the perfect tools, tips and services to improve anyone’s health and performance. Last year, the brand worked with Cherrydeck to obtain visual content for their social media, marketing, and communication channels. 

According to Jessica Signer, Online Marketing Manager at Blackroll, the regular process of producing content usually involves a lot of work. Looking for a creator, briefing them, sourcing locations and models, plus feedback loops.

So instead of planning a full production high in resources, Blackroll sourced content through Branded Stock. The brand received 800 ready-to-buy branded images featuring 11 scenarios and 8 models in a custom library.

I’m super happy to have content created through Cherrydeck. It saves me a lot of time in processing and enables me to quickly create new & very high-quality content. If something is incomplete or needs to be added, that’s no problem either and will be adapted to my ideas shortly.

Jessica Signer, Online Marketing Manager

Verso Skincare

Verso is a skincare brand that specializes in making high-quality products with a low ingredient count. Last November, we collaborated to produce content for their different face and body product lines.

By submitting a brand briefing and shipping their items to photographers, Verso obtained a custom visual content library with over 500 media assets.

We feel super happy and satisfied with our collaboration with Cherrydeck! The contact with Julia has been a pleasure, she has been keen on understanding our brand and needs, and the results were fantastic. Additionally, the experience afterward and the service provided regarding content usage and decisions are great!

We are looking forward to 2022 together with Cherrydeck!

Ebba Andersson


SteamOne is a brand offering steamers for anyone who doesn’t have the time or doesn’t know how to iron. By simply placing a garment on a hanger and smoothing out the creases, one can wear it immediately.

Cherrydeck and SteamOne have worked together to produce ready-to-buy custom content. After shipping their steamers, the brand received over 300 images featuring different fabrics and ways of using the product.

We had a very good experience with Cherrydeck. They have a great selection of talented photographers, and they answered perfectly to our request. The process was quick and simple, in just a few weeks we had the content we needed.

Alina Buciuscan

5,0 Original (Oettinger Bier)

5,0 Orginal is a popular German canned beer brand made for enjoyment and thirst. In October, they have tried Cherrydeck Branded Stock to obtain lifestyle imagery featuring their products.

The results were over 300 images of their target audience with the brand’s canned beer. No shoot planning needed or other logistic arrangements.

Cherrydeck‘s structured approach to select the best photographers for our 5.0 ORIGINAL brand fully met our expectations. Finally, we had many pics to choose from and are ready for next projects with Cherrydeck‘s team.

Christine Ubl, Global Brand Manager


Perifit developed a Kegel exercising device to help women put an end to incontinence, prolapse and pelvic floor problems. In 2021, the brand worked with Cherrydeck to create a custom content library.

Branded Stock enabled Perifit to feature models from different generations with their products. Cherrydeck members sourced the subjects and delivered +450 custom photos.

Working with Cherrydeck was an effortless and exciting new way to create content. We loved being able to give a brief and let the creators do their magic. Julia was such a superstar project manager who really ensured that our vision came to life and that our product was portrayed the way we wanted it to. We loved having a variety of images and videos that told a different story from different angles. We will definitely be working with Cherrydeck again in the future!

Caitlynne Hollis

La Mer

La Mer is a company committed to producing exclusive skincare and cosmetic products containing marine compounds. To promote their new Aqua Base line on social media the brand worked with Cherrydeck to source new custom imagery.

Rather than planning a high-budget and time-consuming production with different models and locations, the brand sourced over 700 images through Branded Stock.

We are very happy with the collaboration with Cherrydeck and especially our Branded Stock results. What we liked most was the diversity of the photos and the opportunity to try photographers around the world and use their different styles.

Nicole Queitzsch

Sorbas Shoes

Sorbas Shoes was created with the idea of making comfortable, high-quality shoes that do good at the same time. Produced exclusively in Europe under fair conditions and with innovative materials, the company was looking for an efficient way to obtain content that highlighted the value of their products.

Working with Cherrydeck in a Branded Stock project, Eike Vogler, Sorbas Shoes’ founder and CEO, found a way to source pictures in 90% of the time.

Cherrydeck’s service was fast and efficient. Their photographers made a great job in producing high-quality pictures according to our branding guidelines.

Eike Vogler


Klarheit is a brand producing journals, calendars and offering workshops with the goal of bringing clarity to everyone’s life. Their products are simple, effective, and beautiful.

The brand worked with Cherrydeck to create custom content of their products in a minimal setup with a Scandinavian look. The results included a private media library with hundreds of photos ready to use.

Working with Cherrydeck was overall a great experience. We received high-quality content for a good pricing, which was delivered superfast.

Elsa Stechel

These were some of the projects and brands we had the pleasure to work with last year. In 2022, we are excited to welcome new clients and create fresh content for our current partners.

Would you like to try Cherrydeck Branded Stock too? Have a look at this page for more information or contact our account managers, here.

To see more success client cases and other collaborations, visit this section.

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