If feelings would be visible, how would they look like? That’s the question Adriana Napolitano tries to answer through her project “Body Mo(o)d”, the photo series aims to express visual interpretations of emotions.

“My hands and my brain are definitely my favorite body parts” said the photographer, designer, retoucher, and paper-crafts lover Adriana Napolitano.

As an artist, Adriana is passionate about paper-crafts, set design, and all things about conceptualizing and crafting art pieces for stills and films. As a photographer, she loves exploring a wide range of genre and has produced works in commercial, portraiture, fine art, and so on. By combining both of her artistic interests, this mesmerizing “Body Mo(o)d” series was born.

“Some days are just too long” – Body Mo(o)d by Adriana Napolitano

Adriana’s pictures are the result of her curiosity for small things and interest in surrealism. The elements of dream imagery with just a right amount of humor are what make her images stand out. They beautifully communicate the inner workings of her mind, connect with the viewers at an instinctive level, and make us think about our own feelings.

“I have always been interested in surrealism, it is a very fertile ground for my imagination. This project is all about my need to show some feelings. I usually go for bright colors and humorous self-portraits. But with this venture, I wanted to challenge myself to show another part of me: the less fun, the more vulnerable. It was hard; I often use irony as a shield.”

“So I started to think: What if feelings would be visible? How they would look like? And I tried to share those feelings visually, hoping to connect with others.”

“Have you ever felt transparent?” – Body Mo(o)d by Adriana Napolitano

“Everyone should find their own way to express those hard feelings. You just have to look for what’s right for you.”

“In fact, I’m still working on this concept, I care a lot about it. I’m trying to make other series out of it with different techniques and different styles. Soon or later they will come out.”

“I don’t want to see things” – Body Mo(o)d by Adriana Napolitano
“Overwhelmed” – Body Mo(o)d by Adriana Napolitano
“Last minute panic” – Body Mo(o)d by Adriana Napolitano

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