After a great success with Cherrydeck’s first art buyer tour in Hamburg, we invited four photographers to meet and show their portfolios to top agencies in Munich.

Art Buyers Tour: Networking is one of the most important things you can do for the success of your business as a photographer. Although the word ‘networking‘ get thrown around a lot these days, how to go about it can be tricky and hard to keep up with especially in today’s fast changing creative landscape. Because we strongly advocate against both constantly spamming people’s Instagram DMs and shoving your portfolio in someone’s face while the person is enjoying their drink, we decided to bring together top photographers and agencies and have a proper quality sit-down time to learn about each other’s work.

About the art buyers

Over the past years, traditional art buyer position has transformed from being in a rather elitist establishment to playing a key role in an inter-company relationship management for multiple disciplines. With high demands for such an encompassing role, art buyer’s role has become more challenging and more necessary, as we have seen big agencies employ highly skilled teams of people who invest a lot of time researching and evaluating photographers and videographers for their clients.

Three agencies we met are Neverest, the Art Buyers department of the agency behemoth Serviceplan, NVC , a hub of scouting artists for communication projects, and David+Martin, an up-and-coming creative agency. All of them are seeing new artists regularly, but they carry different types of operations. Where as Neverest is a large agency within in a large agency that is working for multiple offices around the globe, NVC is a two-people power pack. And for David+Martin, they are focusing on searching for talents for solely food and beverages related assignments.

Meet the photographers

Mikkel Adsbol | Copenhagen, Denmark

Mikkel specializes in interior and food photography. He is passionate about constantly refining his work under the daylight to create space and contrast. He’s also has a knack for cooking, and currently running a photo studio and equipped with professional kitchen in Copenhagen.

Gregory Van Gansen | Antwerpen, Belgium

Gregory has started his career as professional sport photographer in 2015. His work can be seen across the Netherland’s top newspapers and magazine including covering events like Champions League football, World Tour Cycling races and so on. Besides sport photography, Gregory also shoot commercial and advertising campaigns in the sport industry.

Linda Leitner | Munich, Germany

Linda firstly established her carreer in action sports photography, and soon she was able to work for various renowned brands likes Red Bull, Burton, Atomic and travelled the world with the age of eighteen.
Since 2013 she found her way into fashion photography. She assisted leading international fashion photographers like Andreas Ortner, Kevin Sinclair, David Oldham, Gorka Postigo, Louis Christopher and many more around the globe, which gave her the opportunity to fully grow and establish herself individually. 

Her work is defined by minimalism, simplicity and attention to detail.
Linda is now based in Munich, Germany and is available worldwide.

Darren Smith | Amsterdam, Netherlands

American-born photographer Darren Smith has a signature style, combining classical influences with a touch of rock and roll, and strong personalities. From fashion models and ethereal performers, to extraordinary individuals in the every day, he searches for authenticity in the people he portrays.

We would like to to thank everyone who took part in and made this tour a fruitful networking experience and amazing knowledge exchanging opportunity.

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